Another 300 point drop today.

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  1. Hedgefunds unloading, premarket showing lots of stuff getting dumped on the market. Market Spooked first by Palin now McCain and 6.1% unemployment, MER downgrade.

    Dow 10800-10900
  2. why isn't crude getting crushed if hedge funds are unloading? i would have expected a broad sell off...
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    u gon'um jinxed it now :cool:
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    If interest rates are cut, it is bearish for the dollar and bullish for commodities.
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    take a look at the BRICs, they are being decimated. russia is plunging. funny how we heard during 07 so much about global growth and every 2% drop in the SP people would go on bloomberg and say the selling was 'overdone'
  6. exactly. now when can we officially declare decoupling a myth?
  7. i thought the numbers were right around what they were expecting this morning. in other words, it was not a statistical decline.
  8. looks like 10600,10200,then 9700 are support areas
  9. monthly chart
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