Another 25k Rule Post... Almost....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by JS11374, Oct 6, 2001.

  1. JS11374


    Hello everybody. I know nobody here likes the 25k rule and everybody wants to do something about. I want to do my part by taking an academic interest in it. Since I'm in school right now, I have the time and resource to conduct a study on how the 25k rule would really impact the day-trading community.

    At this point, I'm just getting started and I really need your help. I want to try to prove that the 25k rule will not lessen the volatility and will have adverse effects on the market.

    My thesis, as most of you can see, if pretty difficult. So you have any thoughts, or any data you can point me to, I appreciate it. Hopefull I can prove my thesis and help all of us all.

    Thanks, - JS

    P.S. Data would especially be helpful. You know how anal we academics are :).
  2. vinigar


    There has been numerous discussions regarding this issue at this site...most are talked out on this subject...suggest you use the search function and check out the many threads and research to your hearts content...if after that you have any remaining questions please ask then:)