Another $25 Billion For Iraq

Discussion in 'Politics' started by waggie945, May 5, 2004.

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  3. What are the chances that there will be:

    A. Civil War.
    B. Quagmire.
    C. Require more troops.
    D. Yugoslavia in the making.
    E. All of the Above.
  4. 25 billion isn't much. Some ET members make that in a good month of day-trading.
  5. Someone explain to me again why we are so desperate to use taxpayer money to rebuild a country with vast oil wealth whose inhabitants obviously only want to kill us.

    I could understand this whole exercise if we were going to seize their oil, or just take enough of an override on their oil revenues to pay for the invasion and occupation, or even if we were going to use their production to destroy OPEC. I suppose I could even swallow it if we were going to see to it that a harmless puppet government that would do what we say was put into office. But none of those is the objective. Apparently, the plan is to stay long enough to rebuild the entire infrastructure of the country, even as we lose hundreds more killed, then turn it over to a bunch of Islamist crazies, who will turn it into another Iran or worse.

    I certainly hope the administration is lying through its teeth about something, because otherwise I really question our sanity.
  6. Halliburton and the rest do not trust Iraq to pay it back - thats why it was not loans.
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    Quite agree. I think it's all part of Little George's plan to make sure the country (U.S.) stays bankrupt long after he is out of office. He wants to be remembered.
  8. who profits, who loses....

    keep going AAA, sounds like you're catching on :D :D
  9. Ok, but why not take their oil money and pay HAL with that? Why do the taxpayers have to foot the bill?

    Of course, I am discounting the love, affection and undying gratitude we are earning from the iraqi people.
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