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  1. CET


    For folks interested in remaining anonymous online when do searches and surfing, these links may help. Please post any other info that may be helpful on this topic.

    For anonymous searching, check this link out. Someone posted it in another thread.

    I came across this link for remaining anonymous online and would appreciate any comments pro or con.
  2. What do you have to hide? :D
  3. Eight


    so you search using, you get a list of results.. if you click on one of them it's not private!!
  4. CET


    On each search result there is a "View by Ixquick Proxy", which solves the problem. Engage your brain next time.
  5. How about this solution. Tails Linux OS Updated just a few days ago.
    It's a live DVD/USB, so just check the computer BIOS settings and if necessary change it so that the computer will boot from DVD/USB first. If no OS is present in the DVD/USB then it will boot to Windows.

    No changes are made to the computer when running a live Linux DVD/USB, but it will run slower than if it was installed onto the computer.
  6. Eight


    good, now I can look up "how to make cyanide" in complete privacy. The world is a little better place..
  7. Xena


    when using windows IE9 ensure that you under tools => tracking protection have the protection lists enabled. Also there is a special one for google since they sneakingly bypass security settings.

    However it is not sufficent for visiting those websites that deliberately try to mine your machine for passwords etc which is where the OP products are good for.

    Have on occasions been using Tor and it looks pretty decent.

    Thanks for the link to the Startpage search engine.
  8. vinc


    how about places you can't open your trap without being arrested ..China maybe??
    there should be 'on' button somewhere in your brain but still you seem to fail to find it..
  9. moarla


    privacy is an elemtary right to me and noone has to know waht i do etc.

    Use a VPN
  10. Pekelo


    Well, any Linux distro that can be ran from a USB stick can do the same. Nevertheless, your ISP, thus your location still can be known, unless you are using your neighbour's or Starbuck's access...

    But yeah, if I am running Mint from USB in a parking lot across the coffehouse, that is pretty anonymous, although kind of far away from home...
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