•Nobel economist sees a roaring recovery

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  1. gkishot


    Too old to make predictions.
  2. This guy should really get some f**king meds for his senility (look at his contradictions):

    The economy will rebound as surely as night follows day, but not because of government action. A "third technological revolution" is leading to an explosion of inventions that trumps state policy. All that Washington will achieve is to gum up the works.

    Will Europe will share fully in the hi-tech wave? Dr Becker's work on family structures has led him to hone in on demographic forces as the arbiters of economic destiny. Once a country's fertility falls below the "replacement" rate, it is almost impossible to reverse. Over time this really does lead to a slow slide into perma-slump.

    "Every country in Europe is below replacement. It is really serious in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and Eastern Europe."

    He's a batty, blue haired fruit loop.