Annyoing issues on all machine with new IB

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Poole, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. Poole


    it ran one of its platform updates the other day

    first time I have ever had major issues

    screen wont maximize, only half the tickers will get quotes, sometimes i can add new symbols etc etc

    and this is on all my machines, all OS's

    very frustrating lol

    anyone else having IB platform weirdness?
  2. Tums


    My TWS is solid.

    I am using TWS 879.8, Java 1.6.0_03, XP.
  3. just21


    The only problem I have seen is ES options show yesterdays volume and high/low. This os with 878.5 and 879.8.
  4. No problems here. TWS 879.8 Java 1.5

  5. No problems here TWS 879.8 Java 1.5
  6. rcj


    No problems here.

    Latest standalone, latest Java, winXP.
    Also running SC, QT, and ZLT.
  7. nassau


    we are not experiencing any issues so far today but did have issues mostly minutes before close where we lost connection.
    This also happened to one of the remote traders as we were on the phone from 345pm to close.

  8. Poole


    yah right lol

    its literally a $6000 workstation in todays money (aka went and bought it right now)

    the laptop is a $3000 laptop in todays money

    TWS 879.8 java 1.60.0_3

    ouch, now it wont load my settings off server, keeps asking for backup ones

    never had a single issue of any sort in last 2 years
  9. Hmmm.

    878.5 and 879.9
    java 1.6.0_03
    XP SP3 (beta)

    Running fine. Something must have got screwed up in the install. Clean time :(

    Just a note: the sp3 beta seems good. Seems to run faster apparently because its got some improvements for dual processor. All credit to MS for a faster XP when they're trying to push Vista!
  10. Poole


    I'm quad core though hehe

    quad core at 3.6 ghz each baby yeeehhaawwww

    hmmm im going to completely uninstall and reinstall, maybe the upgrade didnt work so good from previous TWS

    bah scratch that

    im going to break apart this raid 10 and install both windows XP fresh and windows vista fresh on a dual boot

    at least then one of them is sure to work always

    laptop on vista fixed itself after I deleted TWS, deleted the folder and then reinstalled fresh
    #10     Dec 7, 2007