Annual return>40% for SP500. Hope I can find someone that can work together.

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    OP, this is not a criticism, but it always puzzled me when I read posts on ET claiming outsize returns yet asking for:

    1. Investors to invest
    2. partners to collaborate
    3. Share the method so others too can generate outsize returns
    4. ......

    I compared your return to SPY, you beat SPY every year, except 2001, by a wide margin! SPY also had a worst draw down than you, in 2008, -37% vs your -19% in 2011! Your bond returns are as fantastic, so your proprietary method produces great returns independent of underlying instruments. You have a winner on your hand and if I were you, I go alone.

    I am full time small mom and pop retail, quite content just trading my own money, no one to report to, no one to justify, no one to blame.

    Best wishes to you.
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  2. @ironchef I realize you were responding to the OP, but I had a similar posting about collaboration after a chest-thumping equity curve.

    However, seeking partnership to collaborate and investors to invest is for better risk management. If you have done 100% return with your own money, you can find investors and do a smaller 50% return instead combining your money along with with a big benefactor's! They get a winning strategy and you benefit by spreading the risk (buying more put insurance and what not). This is why the great traders of the 90's collaborated and started hedge funds.

    I share my strategies face to face with other traders. Most haven't had the guts to execute. Because when I tell them I'm selling a $45 straddles on a $1300 stock, it scares the living shits out of them! There I told you 25% of my strategy, now you figure out the hedges to reduce the risk, :)

    The reason why traders don't believe in blindly publishing their strategies on such forums is because you never know how it will get utilized. And contrary to popular belief, I don't think the strategies lose edge if its revealed in a public forum. You'd be surprised how commonplace some of the high capital strategies are with the hedge funds. Heck, if you scour through Berkshire hathaway's reports, Mr. Buffet and Mr. Munger reveals some of the strategies in broad day light.

    Another reason we don't reveal strategies is because nobody revealed it to us. We had to learn it the hard way; through backtesting, through draw downs, through hitting margin cushions of 5%, through getting cash balances of over negative 1M and several months of depression when we dropped 20% below our high watermarks. Hope you understand!
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  3. Another reason not to reveal a strategy, others will attempt to take the credit for it after you have revealed it first on a public forum.
    I find it annoying, I recall on another forum once putting up a chart on my stop loss system which I had designed and coded after many weeks of work on Amibroker.
    Not long after, other posters were posting similar charts with no mention where they got the idea from.
    I can say this was my original work because on ET no-one has ever mentioned this system and I've been on ET for years.
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    Seeking very naive investors with lots of money to invest in my hindsight trading system. Averaging well over 70% per year with not one single day in draw-downs. A buy signal was given at the blue arrow. If your just dumb enough to think I am a genius than please contact me.

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    I am studying the following financial theories lately: The Theory Of One Price and The No Arbitrage Theory For Option Pricing. I wonder what happen when many use the same strategy to trade?
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    Average loss >5%? No thanks.
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    You can set up a strategy at collective2, as your certified trading record.
    I also did a search at collective2, using 720 days( about two years), and got 5 strategies that seem to be better than OP's strategy in term of return and max-drwadown. They all had more than two years real trading record. While OP's strategy statistics is based on backtesting.
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