Annual return>40% for SP500. Hope I can find someone that can work together.

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by leochen2321, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Robert Morse

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    Are these real or from back testing?
  2. This is back testing using google daily price.
    I have run my algorithms on the real market for 5 months.
    Thank you.
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    If it was real, I doubt he would need anyone after 17 years of trading @ 60% p.a. ;)
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    I make it 40% a year compound over almost 18 years. V nice sim.
  6. I can provide mail everyday now.
    It's free.
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    June to September is real? How much money is in the account, how much leverage does it require and what asset class is this?
  8. I have 6 strategies for Nasdaq100 and SP500.
    I don't use any leverage.
    It will buy stock using all the money you have.
    The account need only 1000~5000 dollar.
    US stock can buy 1 share.
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    Not is a cost effective way.
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