Annual PnL statement 2017 - Winner will be awarded a prize!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rin4et, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. rin4et


    I know we are not at the end of the year yet but with the holiday season coming up I thought I will post this early.
    Note: Please do not post on this thread unless you are attaching some kind of proof. I understand it can be photoshopped but something is better than nothing.
    Also please do not post any comments. This thread is only for profitable day traders who are willing to post some proof. I will prefer the proof to be monthly account statements in pdf format.
    Additionally please answer the following questions :
    1) What has been your total annual profit for 2017? Please post in dollar amount USD.
    2) Are you a day trader or swing trader. Do you hold positions overnight? What % of your profits is from day trading?
    3) What instruments do you trade?
    4) What is your average position size? Please post in dollar amount and not number of shares. Because those shares could be $1 or $200 each.
    5) Finally please post a sceenshot of your monthly account statements for this year. I would prefer in pdf format you can hide your account details.
    I will personally award a Grand Cash Prize to the biggest winner! Ofcourse I will ask for some kind of undeniable proof from the winner.
    I see a lot of talk on this forum but with no proof. Profitable day traders here is your chance to shine! Especially those who have been doing this for years here is your chance to stand out from the "whole lot of theory with no results" crowd!
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of ET!
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  2. speedo


    There are only two reasons I can think of to post one's income and one is bad, ego. The other is needing to establish credibility in order to attract clients. It's nobody's damn business what a private trader makes except the trader, the broker who would know, the CPA who needs to know and the IRS who insists on knowing.
  3. rin4et


    Once again please do not post comments on this thread. Please start another thread and post as many comments as you please. This thread is only for those who can and are willing to post proof. And yes that person has spent many years of hard work and effort to get to being a successful trader. He has the right to receive all the praise, celebration and ego boost for his hard earned results. Ego is not a bad thing. Winners have egos.
  4. Overnight


    Why ask question 2 if this thread is only for daytraders? Inconsistency.

    Question...Is your grand prize a forum like? Whoopee! Why not just visit people's journals and award the prize there to the one who meets your standards?
  5. rin4et


    It is a cash prize. I won't say the amount until I receive some undeniable proof. Question 2 is for hybrid traders who both swing and day trade.
    Please DO NOT post anymore comments on this thread. Start your own thread if you have a strong desire to post comments.
  6. jl1575


    The best guys at ET are making 10 to 20 millions a year, and you think they will come out here to compete for a $100/$1000 cash price? You got to have better incentive for them.
    They have bigger ego than just getting approval from ET community.
  7. Overnight


    Then I fit you to a tee! This should be fun, since I do all of that already! Just visit my journal thread! I can give you all the undeniable proof you want!

    P.S. You do realize how you have been coming off on this forum for the past month or so since you joined a year ago? Desperate for answers. Try to not do that.

    To everyone else out there reading this...

    Watch out because
  8. 1. 10 021 320 USD
    2. Day traider if position go my dyrection, swing trader until position make $
    3. Bitcoins, gold, AAPL, TSLA, pork bellies, DKK and HKD options.
    4. Dunno, i buy until platform says error not enough funds
    5. posted

    nao, where get my prize?

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  9. Overnight


    See @rin4et ? The above is the kind of trash you're going to get by posting your silliness about people winning cash contests. Just look deeper into the forums to separate the wheat from the chaff, and fill your belly with bread!

    (Not OMM, I mean the post above his, was bad timing. Eurokopek. Is that the euroversion of Kaopectate?)
  10. Robert Morse

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    #10     Nov 22, 2017
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