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  1. Hey guys,

    I had an absolute blast last year when we met in NYC. Amongst those who showed last time were Limbo, Hitman, Deeman, and many others. In total we had about a dozen people show up. This year I hope for a much larger turnout. It's been a great year for me, and I hope it's been a great year for all of you as well. I am in the mood to celebrate. I intend to pay for anyone's first round of drinks who shows up. (I'll even bring enough cash this time to live up to that promise, and this time I'll also be legal so I can use my credit card if the need arises).

    I think the best time to do it would be sometime after trading on friday the 20th. Otherwise, I am free on the 21st. How many of you are interested in attending in NYC this year? We need a good classy place with attractive women and drinks. Anyone have any picks? I liked the hotel we used last year, but I think we should mix it up each year with a new place. I'd appreciate any feedback on this board.

    Harris Kupperman:.
  2. gaj


    not sure if i can come down (i now live 2 hours north, rather than in hoboken), but some thoughts...

    first, don't forget about the potential MTA strike.

    i'd suggest trying to determine a place AFTER having an idea of the number of people. as you know, many places in nyc are small, and it's hard to accomodate 20 if you're planning on 8, for example.

    some places that i've enjoyed going out with people:

    o'flaherty's (46?/8 or 9)
    brewery place in rock center.
    brewery place in union square.

    there's a bunch of places in the village / soho of course, but i can't remember
    them at all...
  3. harris what do you look like soes i can find you

    i'm 5' 5', bald and a little overweight (think of "george" of seinfeld) i'm not quite that goodlooking though but the girls luv me. (they think i am harmless heh heh):D
  4. I definately am harmless. I'll be the one without any fashion sense.
  5. I'll be there - will do my best.
  6. P2..don't know what hotel you stayed at last year, but if you want, a classy place and hot women...Check out the W hotel on 49th and Lexington, and the Whiskey Blue bar in the hotel.

    You will get whiplash in this place! :)
  7. is it ok to call you harry ?

    seriously ...

    there must be tons of good places for traders to meet
    and oogle the gals in manhattan

    any of the boutique hotels or upscale ones is a good idea
  8. think we should wait for the trading expo in feb. for the get together ?? possibly get more people to attend that way,


  9. There is a place downtown called Kanvas (9th ave and 23rd), excellent ambiance and lots of hotties, and since I used to be a part owner (I can get a free round or two). The Brewery at Rock Center is closed (someone mentioned it). We will know about MTA strike in a couple of hours - as of now it looks bad. Either way, I'd like to meet some of you experienced trading guys, rgds, Frank in NYC.
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    which trading expo are you referring to?
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