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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by chris500, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. chris500


    Does anybody know what Advantage Futures' Professional Traders Group (PTG) annual commission cap amount is?

    see here:

    Is it legit or do they still charge a small per side fee for some exchanges? For example, they have a 0.03 per side extra fee for Eurex.

    see here:

    Does anyone know of other brokers out there who have annual commission caps? I'm already familiar with Tradovate, but they charge a set fee and 0.09 per side with no cap.

    I wonder if this would be a profitable business model for a futures broker:
    Unlimited contracts for a fee of $500 per month and 0.01 per side (no cap).

    Any insights?
  2. CALLumbus


    Maybe you should have a look at Tradovate...

    No commissions at all and a pretty low monthly membership fee.
  3. chris500


    Umm, I mention Tradovate in my post... you didn't read it?

    And, yes, Tradovate does have commissions. 0.09 per side fee with no cap. Their "no commissions" thing is just advertising bs.
  4. CALLumbus


    Ooops .... sorry :)
  5. CALLumbus


    You may call it commissions what they charge, but in addition you get a good, free platform. Maybe you know a better offer, but me, I dont know any other broker for retailers that even comes close to their pricing. We should be glad to have offers like that these days...
  6. algofy


    Chris, do you even trade live yet or are you just a dreamer?
  7. chris500


    I would appreciate it if you stayed on-topic and contributed to the thread. Do you trade futures in volume and if so, what are your fees?

    If you're sore from the last thread, contact me privately.

    And if you must know, I made my first trade in 1995 using Etrade via telnet. Yes, telnet, which is plain text and has no security. You would dial one of their telnet phone numbers and once connected you would issue commands to buy/sell/etc all from a text console. After that I moved to Datek.
  8. chris500


    Yes, I totally agree with you. They introduced much-need competition to the industry and even if someone doesn't up going with Tradovate, you can get other brokers to match their deal.

    But their 0.09 "clearing fee" being advertised as commission-free trading is just lots of baloney.

    They do have an API, which is great, but the only problem is they don't have any servers located at the exchanges. They use google cloud servers. So even if you have a server located at or near an exchange to get the lowest latency data feed, any orders you send out go to a google cloud server hundreds of miles of away, which then forwards the order to the exchange. If you trade CME products, that means you add somewhere between 15 - 30 milliseconds in latency to your orders, maybe more. That's very good for some people and very bad for other people, it depends.