Annoying Pop-up Window in IB's TWS 898.2 Can Not be Dactivated

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Catoosa, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Catoosa


    An annoying "market data request pop-up window" can not be deactivated after upgrading to TWS 898.2. I check the "Don't display this message again" box and click OK but this pop-up window keeps popping up every time I change TWS pages or log onto TWS. This started with the first time I opened TWS 898.2 after upgrading from TWS 897.9. Has anyone experienced this problem and if so have you been able to solve this annoying problem with TWS 898.2?
  2. If only that was the only annoying pop up window in TWS !
    It's infected with a malware that targets the user's brain for maximum aggravation.
  3. I may have experienced similar problem long term ago, not sure the exact same problem. I think I resovled it by Removing jts directory, reinstalling tws again.
  4. WinSum


    I have the same problem. IB pop-up window cannot be deactivated.
  5. Catoosa


    If we both have the same problem resulting from an upgrade to TWS 898.2, the problem must be within the version 898.2 upgrade. I hope you have reported your problem to IB tech support. I opened an IB trouble ticket and did not like the response and suggestion I received back. The techie suggested I build a new jts directory as suggested above by adadadog. The IB techie said I would lose all of my settings and did not know if that would eliminate the pop-up window problem. I answered with thanks but no thanks and suggested IB fix their software problem in the next TWS upgrade.
  6. How bout that annoying window that pops up every time I hit "TRANSMIT" the order and then there is a delay and then it reminds me that I'm trading without any market data from IB. Cancel that window and by the time the order is sent the bid/ask is way off on the instrument I'm twading !:mad:
  7. Bob111


    how about "new version is available" every time you login? i have it on some specific accounts and i don's on some other accounts. running same TWS version on same PC!
  8. Catoosa


    I have been using IB for t0 years and have never had a pop-up window I could not deactivate until now. As for the one you mention above, you can deactivate it in the operating system startup list.
  9. moarla


    no pop ups here (user for 2 years), never
  10. cstfx


    A guy goes to his doctor because he is not feeling well. He says, "Doc, whenever I raise my arms like this, my shoulder and neck get this sharp pain. The doctor goes over, puts his hand on his shoulder to identify the problem. He then says "If you feel a pain when you raise your arms like that, then just don't raise your arms like that."

    If the new TWS is not working properly or not to your liking, roll it back to an older version. I have been using 888.3 for probably a year now and it does all it needs to do. There really is no need to upgrade to the newest version whenerver they release it. Stay with what works until you have to. And if you get pissed about the program asking you to upgrade, remove it from the windows startup menu. Won't ask you again.
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