Announcing TradeStation 7.2

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  1. Fred McEnany

    Fred McEnany TradeStation Securities

    Announcing TradeStation 7.2

    A. Some Top New Features in TradeStation 7.2

    1. New Lower Commissions for Stocks & Futures
    2. Forex Trade Execution
    3. TradeStation’s Matrix Window for Futures and Equities: Market Depth, Advanced Order Entry, and Order Tracking all in One Window.
    4. Significant Market Data Enhancements
    5. Plotting of Orders and Positions on Charts
    6. Cancel Replace Orders Support
    7. Multiple Monitor Support
    8. Copy/Paste Windows Across Workspaces/Desktops
    9. New and Enhanced Drawing Tools
    10. OptionStation Position Search

    B. For More Details on TradeStation 7.2:

    1. Go to:

    2.Or, call 1-800-808-9336 and press 1 to talk to a TradeStation Representative

    Fred McEnany
    Vice President Sales
    TradeStation Securities
  2. tango29


    Do I read the description on the site correctly, that it will now be possible to run the platform on more than one computer at the same time? I use 3 computers and that would be great. How does the fee structure work? Is it one fee or will I pay for each instance, and how about exchange fees?
  3. Ebo


    That is not what they are referring to.
    If you have multiple screens and one CPU you can have seperate workspaces. If you use different keyboards, it will cost you an additional $99 platform fee. This is instead of "stretching" one workspace on two monitors.I am on 7.2. SO far so good.
    The MATRIX is nice new feature. Cancel/Replace finally here!

    Now TradeStation just needs to figure out why My data freezes 5X a day!
  4. ddog



    If I read you correctly, you can have only one instance of Tradestation open, yet have a chart workspace on one monitor and a matrix workspace on another monitor? (Separate workspaces that is)
  5. ddog


    No, what I was referring to was multilple monitors. My question is, can you have one workspace on one monitor and another workspace on another monitor? As it is now (7.1) you can only stretch the workspaces onto another monitor.
  6. Ebo


    Yes, The 7.2 version now has what are called Multiple "Desktops"
    So you have a seperate "Desktop" on each screen.
    One log on! No need to stretch any longer.
    Its nice if you open say an internet browser on one and wanna watch ES on the other, the browser won't dissappear now!
    As long as the P exceeds the L at the end of the month its good for all!

    S. Pepe is the man!
  7. ddog


    Thanks Ebo.
  8. skibum



    Any hope that TS 7.2 will offer an excel DDE link? If not, is this in the pipeline?

  9. Do you mean OUT of tradestation or INTO tradestation?

  10. mmillar


    They've put it on hold - expected sometime in 2005. I had to buy the TS Link DLL to get this functionality. You have to shell out an extra $135 to get Excel functionality when it comes for free in eSignal.
    #10     Nov 21, 2003