Announcing: Surf Fest 2013!!!

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by marketsurfer, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. With great pleasure and excitement, We announce the return of SURF FEST!

    After a several year hiatus, It looks like the 7th annual surf fest will be held in NYC during the evening of February 16, 2013. This corresponds to the NYC traders expo starting on Feb 17.

    If you have attended in the past, you know of the good times, business deals, fun, strategy exchange and most importantly, connections that are made during surf fest. Most everyone is invited ( if you are not, you KNOW who you are :eek: )

    Testing the waters here to see if there is still interest on this board.

    Venue will depend on interest this year and will be chosen around December. Hopefully we will see you there!
  2. Maverick74


    Wow, not one response so far. These ET'ers are really shy about meeting in person. Well, keep us up to date. I would certainly love to make a trip up to NY.
  3. HFT algo's aren't programmed to respond, and since they put most traders out of business my guess is it will be a sparse crowd at the fest.
  4. Great, looking forward to seeing you there. I'll keep everyone posted here as the details unfold surf & annaland

    PS-- we had 10 at the first fest then it steadily grew from there-- maybe just annaland& I this year, who knows?? :cool: :D
  5. Brass


    Will any of your drivers attend?

  6. There will likely be a whale or two attending ( not me, LOL). But likely undercover and most will never guess who...

  7. The price drivers?
  8. I think they will be busy identifying mediocre trades that day. :D

  9. Brass


    Affectionately referred to on occasion as demolition derby enthusiasts.
  10. Crispy


    I would be interested. Out on the east end here. But id take the trip for a meetup.
    #10     Aug 22, 2012