Announcing Kinetick - fast market data. unfiltered.

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by NinjaTrader_Ray, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Kinetick, a new market data service has just been launched.

    A few key highlights:

    - Optimized for the upcoming NinjaTrader 7 trading platform
    - Free for end of day users
    - Affordable real time service plans starting from $50 per month
    - Extensive historical data
    - 500+ market breadth indicators including some that update every second
    - Free streaming news
    - Eliminate up to $268 per month in CME Group Globex exchange fees

    Visit for more information.
  2. RickLong


    Thanks... I'll have to check out your service!

  3. just21


    When is ninjatrader 7 released?
  4. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    We are working very hard to release it and are at the tail end of the beta process. We don't expect it to be too much longer.
  5. I would to see some reviews from users of Kinnetick. I believe it would be helpful if a trial period (2weeks) was offered. I have been using Barchart without issue, but right after the release of the FOMC I stop receiving quotes for $EurUsd for over 5 min. Okay, glitches happen & usually at inopportune times. Next day (morning) right before 2a I stop receiving prices for all forex markets. It's still down an hour & a half later. WTF! Its not my system as I am receiving quotes for the S&P e-mini and the e-mini Euro (Cme). This is ridiculous!!!
  6. I had a look at the fees.

    In my opinion, this is a tad expensive if you are aiming at the existing Zenfire base.

    I can see the need for alternatives. If I want to use Ninja & Zenfire, then I am going to be limited to the brokers I can use.

    I currently use Tradestation as well as Ninja/IB combo. I can't use Ninja/IB combo for the tick data as the IB data is useless. I do use IB to place trades though.

    I had a quick look at the fees as someone told me it was going to be $50/month flat fee. This seems a reasonable fee to pay to get the same service as Ninja/Zenfire but with IB.

    I'd be looking at ES, NQ and Bund.

    Seems like for market depth, it's another $20/month. Foreign market fee is $25/month. Then the exchange fees, etc. The Ninja/Zenfire combo does not have these fees if you go with someone like Mirus. Which is one thing I'm looking at.

    So - whilst I can see the need for alternatives, if this is supposed to challenge Ninja/Zenfire - I don't see how it does as it's much more expensive - about on par with what I pay Tradestation right now.

    Of course, I could have misinterpreted the site info.
  7. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    Kinetick is not challenging Zen-Fire since thay are not competitive to each other.

    - Zen-Fire is a trading engine supported by a number of introducing brokers
    - Kinetick is a market data service provider (no trade execution)
    - Kinetick competes with eSignal, IQFeed, Barchart, Reuters etc...

    The only reasons a NinjaTrader Zen-Fire users would use Kinetick is if:

    - They needed streaming/historical stock or forex quotes (Zen-Fire does not provide this)
    - They needed market internals such as Tick and Trin (Zen-Fire does not provide this)
  8. DIO,

    I appreciate your input. FYI on BarChart, they emailed me their server went down. Somewhat ridiculous that it was down for 3 hours. Up to the this point I will say their data has been decent, but not great.

    You are dead on with the fees. There are two features that appeal to me. 1. The Forex feed is a bit high at $25, but they have two separate feeds (Barclays & FXCM) that provide the quote stream. 2. The "unfiltered" data. Essentially as the feed is not filtered you would receive a greater volume of quotes.

    I did email sales who advised Kinetick will actually be managed by the Ninja folks themselves, and hence the notation "optimized" for Ninja 7. They said the feed goes straight through as opposed to other data feeds that must come through an API using Ninja.

    If anyone else has input or ideas, I would certainly welcome your opinions and experiences.
  9. Dio & Ray,

    Thanks for the input. FYI!on the BarChart outage; it lasted for 3 hours on the Forex feed, right at the time when the market broke down on a sustained move.

    There are two features that interest me with Kinetick. Dio, you are correct the Forex fee is a bit more expensive but they offer two (Barclays & FXCM) feeds. Secondly, the "unfiltered" data in theory would allow more quotes.

    Lastly, I found out this new service is managed by the folks at Ninja and programmed optimally for Ninja 7. I would like to know some performance info before making the switch. It's a little higher but it may end up being more than worth it.

    Anyone with input please reply!
  10. MGB


    Kinetick was just released and you're already asking for reviews from users?

    I have an idea... You could use it and review it :)

    Thanks in advance for your contribution to EliteTrader for your Kinetick review.
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