Announcing eSignal 10.1: Release Candidate

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    I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of the release candidate for eSignal 10.1 on the main eSignal Download Page. This important update not only brings new features such as an improved trade and account management system, but also focuses on significant performance improvements.

    What’s New
    One of the great new features of eSignal 10.1 is the new Trade Manager and Account Manager windows. These powerful tools augment our existing integrated trading with a powerful single-click trade ladder and account monitoring tools including bracket orders and support for more than 12 popular online brokers.

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    For Advanced GET subscribers, the Dashboard can now be customized to display the chart intervals needed by the trader, and allows the placement of any amount of gauges per row (up to 100 per page.) The ability to customize the Dashboard brings some exciting possibilities to the table. A user can now compress the charts they need into one efficient, compact area in their pages or layouts.

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    Popular in the commodity markets, global weather maps have also been added (available in the final 10.1 release.) Commodity traders will appreciate the real-time weather maps, and they can choose from multiple weather map packages, covering areas all over the globe including U.S. Agriculture, U.S. Energy, Europe Energy, and World Coffee Crop.

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    Performance Improvements
    Active traders need a workstation that performs under the pressures of high volume periods. eSignal 10.1 has now been optimized to handle the large influx of trades during a Fed announcement or other similar broad market event that sends your portfolio into a high volatility period. This is often the time traders need eSignal the most and eSignal 10.1 is much better equipped to handle this now by the use of increased multi-threading support and a dramatically improved infrastructure based on multi-core, 64-bit data centers.

    A lower memory footprint, faster start-up times and better responsiveness are just a sampling of some of the performance improvements that eSignal 10.1 brings. For those that use tick data in their analysis, both Time & Sales and tick-based charting intervals (i.e. 133T, 5000V) have been sped up a substantial amount as well.


    Download Today
    Head over to the eSignal Download Page, and grab the latest version today!

    Note About 10.1 Release Candidate
    There are a few known issues in this version that are scheduled to be fixed for the final release.
    • Indicators on Raw Tick charts (interval T) are not all working properly.
    • Studies based on weekly data series are not plotting correctly on intraday intervals.
    • EFS2 multi-timeframe synchronization from a higher intervals (chart interval) to lower intervals is currently broken. This is also causing a problem for the EFS function, setIntervalsBackfill(), which is not working properly.
    • Two Quote Board menus are not working correctly
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    Quick notice that an updated release candidate version has been posted to the eSignal download page. This new version contains a small handful of improvements based on feedback received since last week's release candidate was posted.

    If you haven't already done so, check out 10.1 today!
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