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  1. I am based in LA and trade ES. Who do I need to contact to work for your firm? Are you in Santa Monica or in LA?
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  2. LA ECHO

    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    The ECHOtrade LA office is in Santa Monica. Downtown at 5th and Santa Monica Blvd. You can call me for info 310 451-3354.
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  3. LA ECHO

    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    The reason for the PM was that I wanted to know that traders volume before quoting him a rate. The standard desk fees for futures only traders IN AN OFFICE are $200/mo.
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  4. Very stupid question: Why don´t you write: $2.99 per contract (incl. all fees) ?
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  5. LA ECHO

    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    I didn't realize that it was confusing or ambiguous. Futures commissions are 2.99 a side. THERE ARE NO OTHER COSTS.
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  6. Simba


    Comparing the commission between IB and Echo (or any comparison between two brokers) would require to take into account the cost of charting and datafeed. Since IB does not provide any charting platform, this cost has to be added.

    For example: Trader A uses RealTick, which costs $300 per month, with IB; Trader B uses Echo Futures at $2.99 per trade (vs. $2.40 at IB). Trader B could make 508 trades per month and still come out even [300 / (2.99 - 2.40) = 508]. Making less than 508 trades per month, Trader B would pay less; making more than 508 trades per month, Trader A would pay less -- the cut-off in this example is about 13 round-trips a day.

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