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  1. secco


    what's so good about this deal??? the commissions are higher than two other brokers who advertise here..............

    and the extra leverage.......BFD!!!

    i can just see it now.....a dumbass wannabe futures trader with 10 grand to his name trading 10 lots.......he takes a couple of stops and his account is down 20% LOL........

    this deal ain't worth the hype........oh but you pay to advertise here so you might as well get your money's worth, right???
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  2. LMeyers



    Is it possible to trade only futures from one of your Echotrade offices (not as a remote trader)? Would there be any desk fees/ other charges payable in such a case?
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  3. snarfer


    Is the $5.98/rt the same for single stock futures too? If so how can your traders compete with retail guys at IB paying $2/rt?

    That's 60 bucks to buy and sell the equivalent of 1000 shares of stock!
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  4. LA ECHO

    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    Seems there was a misunderstanding. SSF's aren't even available yet. The document said we will have access to them when they are.

    "We are also connected to OneChicago, LLC for their November launch of Single Stock Futures."

    The price has yet to be determined. (Even IB says tentative for their published pricing)

    [/QUOTE]Originally posted by snarfer
    That's 60 bucks to buy and sell the equivalent of 1000 shares of stock! [/QUOTE]

    Whatever the price you should compare apples to apples. To buy 1000 shares of a $50 stock, you would need $25K in BP. Trading the futures you would need $10K. So the same exposure for 40% of the capital is a different game.
    Another very important point to consider would be; what if that position were a short position? You ought to factor in the bullet, conversion, or opportunity cost of waiting for an uptick, in order to compare an SSF to stock.
    All that being said,we have yet to publish our margin requirements for SSF's. It will likely be less than the retail 20%.
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  5. LA ECHO

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    Please see PM
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    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    As for you, a quick look at all your past posts provides me with all the reason I need to not respond to your statements. Why do you waste your time on this site? You obviously know more about everything than everyone else here, which to you seems to justify your flagrant cynicism and the criticism of everything you read. You have never once engaged anyone in a dialogue that benefited anyone here.

    A moment to reflect on that tells a lot of people a whole bunch about your personality, and very likely just as much about your proficiency as a trader.
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  7. LA ECHO

    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    Yes, it works over the internet if you are not on our network. Please contact me for a demo or see for a 'canned' demo.
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  8. Any thought on other platforms?
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  9. quote:
    Originally posted by vonk
    From echotradeonline website:

    Products Available through ECHOfutures
    ECHOfutures, through the J-Trader platform, provides our traders 24 hour a day and 6 days a week access to ALL products listed on the world's largest futures exchanges: CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE, CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE, EUREX and LIFFE. We are also connected to OneChicago, LLC for their November launch of Single Stock Futures.

    Per contact pricing is $2.99 per side, or $5.98 per round turn. There are NO other transaction costs for your trading. The J-Trader platform, with real-time futures data, is provided at NO cost.

    According to the above you get

    1) access to ALL products on ALL the exchanges
    2) j-trader
    3) 2.99 per side
    4) no exchanges fees, no other fees.

    This is pretty good, if it is true --- Is it?

    Every word, and extra leverage too!

    According to this you can trade say Soybeans and Live Cattle on this system?
    "ALL" products on "ALL" exchanges, you can trade say Crude and Sugar on here also for $2.99 a side?
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    Why the PM? Others here are interested in this response.
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