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  1. I don't think their pricing is competitive with IB. They are 25% higher.
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  2. and to think, I was too dumb to make it as an options trader and I'm still in the top 10%.

    OOOOOOkayyy, here goes, yes, that's where the 59 cents comes in. 2.99 minus 2.40 that's 9 minus zero, 9 minus 4, so that makes when you line them all up, 59 cents, and THEN a round turn (here's a simple way to do it, take your sides times 2) so that makes .59 x 2 equals $1.18. And if you only do 100 per day, that's only $118 difference per day.

    So besides the $118 difference times 5 which equals 590 (not counting Martin Luther King's Birthday times 50 (not includiong the two week vacation (which is UNPAID by the way)) that makes about 30k per year, so yes other than that, they are competitive.
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  3. need to have a new license to trade SSF's in echo futures?
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  4. vonk


    From echotradeonline website:

    Products Available through ECHOfutures
    ECHOfutures, through the J-Trader platform, provides our traders 24 hour a day and 6 days a week access to ALL products listed on the world's largest futures exchanges: CHICAGO MERCANTILE EXCHANGE, CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE, EUREX and LIFFE. We are also connected to OneChicago, LLC for their November launch of Single Stock Futures.

    Per contact pricing is $2.99 per side, or $5.98 per round turn. There are NO other transaction costs for your trading. The J-Trader platform, with real-time futures data, is provided at NO cost.

    According to the above you get

    1) access to ALL products on ALL the exchanges
    2) j-trader
    3) 2.99 per side
    4) no exchanges fees, no other fees.

    This is pretty good, if it is true --- Is it?
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  5. Prior to this ECHO announcement, I was considering trading e-minis with Advanced Futures where they charge $2.45 plus $0.50 per side using J-Trader. Can anyone explain how this J-Trader works? Is it done over the internet by connecting to ECHO's or Advanced's server?
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  6. It's been one of those days for me... I was thinking Globex fees for some reason.
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  7. no problem, me too, I said it wrong, here is the correct formula for computing round turns

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    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    Not a problem!
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    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

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    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    Every word, and extra leverage too!
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