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    ECHOtrade LLC, is proud to announce the worldwide launch of ECHOfutures.

    ECHOfutures maintains the high level of reliability, speed and service the professional trading world has come to expect from ECHOtrade’s equities based products. Using the industry standard J-Trader platform, ECHOfutures delivers $2.99 per contract pricing, NO software fees, professional margin requirements, and 24-6 dedicated support, while providing lightning-quick access to ALL contracts on the CME, CBOT, EUREX, LIFFE and OneChicago (single-stock futures).

    Please see attached for details.
  2. I'm sure my little darling will be thrilled to hear about this!

    Are you just providing a brokerage service or can traders join Echo and trade using the firms capital??


    Gertie Coil
  3. i can't see any real advantages here.. plain vanilla brokers ... just Echo trying to get a piece of the futures pie. no harm in that though. good luck guys.
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    The use of leverage is clearly explained on the attachment.
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    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

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    How about cross margining between your echo prop stock account and a futures account? (ie. universal account like ib's)?
  9. 2.99 minus 2.40 = .59 times 100 rts = $118 times 5 = 590 times 50=$29500 per year.
    What else did you say they offer?
  10. I had a feeling it was per side and not per round turn:

    The pricing is competitive with that of IB.
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