Annotating Charts Help Please

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  1. Would someone tell me what software I can paste a screen shot (chart) to that will then allow me to make annotations, arrows, text, etc. on the chart. Then save in a format that I will be able to post on ET.

  2. Microsoft paint works pretty can add text, lines and arrows.

    Edit = if you are using windows you probably have paint somewhere in your system...just do a search.
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    If you're looking for free, go to and choose "annotate" under the chart. When it comes up and you've done what you want to do, press Alt and PrintScrn on your keyboard. This will be sent to Paint.

    Then open up Paint, select Edit/Paste, click Save under the File menu, and save it however you want: jpg, gif, etc. To upload it to ET, browse your Paint files until you find it, then upload it.
  4. I was using paint but am not smart enough to figure out how to draw arrows. I am wanting to capture screen shots of charts others have posted on ET and then make annotations on them as suggestions.

    Please tell me how to draw arrows with paint other than using the pencil.

  5. Please read post just above.

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    Are you talking about straight lines or literal arrows?
  7. Any kind of arrow would be helpful.

    Thanks for you help!
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    If you're mostly interested in calling attention to a particular feature of the chart, the easiest way to do it would be to use the "oval" button to circle the feature, then draw a line to it using the "\" button.

    However, if you want arrows, click the "A", then right-click to bring up the text toolbar. Then select "Wingdings 3". This font supplies all sorts of arrows, the size of which you can change by using the font size as usual.
  9. You almost have me educated.

    I can annotate the charts with lots of arrows now using paint.

    Thanks a lot.

    But when I try to save I am not able to get a jpg as a file type so I can post it on ET. I only get about four bitmap options.

    Please help me again.

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    Depends on your version of Windows. Some editions offer only .bmp as a file function in Paint.
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