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  1. In a few days, we will observe the one year Anniversary of option cancellation fee. To remind you, it was a year ago when IB started to charge its customers an outrageous fee for merely canceling their submitted orders. One years later, how this fee has changed your life of trading? We want to hear about it. Let's share and send out our messages of grief and outrage at this anniversary.
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    If one thinks its ''outrageous'';
    might not want to cancel so much or simply do some more study on orders that auto cancel at the end of the day .
  3. It's unspeakable. Why do "they" do this? Who gave "they" the special privilege to do this? Why they cancel payin' nothinin' but we have to pay? Why 1 fill credit 1 cancel for "they" but more fills credit 1 cancel for us? Why aren't all the market participants equal? Why don't "they" do nothin' about it? Why's and outrage continue after a year.
  4. It's still friggin' cheap, even with the cancel fee! Quit complaining!