Anne Frank is now a Mormon

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  1. Mormon Church's Prior Baptism Of Dead Jews Could Raise Concerns For Florida Voters

    Any Mormon may baptize any person posthumously. Church members have performed the ritual on Buddha, Catholic popes, 9/11 hijackers, William Shakespeare, Joan of Arc, Elvis Presley, President Obama's mother and even reportedly Jesus Christ. In 2002, the managing director of the Mormon's family and church history department told The New Yorker magazine that as many as 200 million dead people had been baptized as Mormons.

    In 1994, an Israeli genealogist researching her family in the Mormons' computerized International Genealogical Index made a startling discovery. Her grandfather, a religiously observant Jew killed in the Holocaust, had been posthumously baptized as a Mormon. Distraught, she alerted other Jewish genealogists who soon learned that some 380,000 Holocaust victims, including Anne Frank, had been baptized. Plus, Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, and scientist Albert Einstein had received this treatment.


    Wow, 9/11 hijackers are now Mormons. Is there any chance Willard will be baptizing people posthumously in the White House??

    TheOnion has serious competition, namely the republican party.
  2. Groovy.
    My brother in San Antonio lives just a bit away from some really really big Mormon thingamajig. (don't know what they call their gathering places) He figgers it's good for a cool hundred thou add'l when he sells, easy.
    So, if he sells, he'll get it in the wash, which in this case is way better than gettin' it in the rinse.