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    NK bomb scare...

    "World Destruction"
    Time Zone

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    The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun

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  9. The Beatles were great and so were The Beach Boys and many other groups of the 60's.
    But the Beatles only lasted about 8 years from 62-70. Ditto for the BB.

    The Rolling Stones have been rolling along since 1965 with many of the same, original members. And they have basically kept the same style of music for the last 53 years.
    Paul McCartney reinvented himself several times and so has Rod Stewart and Elton John. But I can't recall a single band that has been around for 50 years, with the same members , recording new music, performing the same style of music and still selling out every stadium they play in. And they did it all through a life of hard living with heroin, cocaine and liquor

    Who the heck doesn't like Charlie Watts? The guy is so cool looking.....he always has a smile painted on his face and he comes across like he really enjoys the drums and what he does.
    He has always come across like the nice guy of the band, at least to me. I'd like to have a beer with him.

    There will never be another band like them.

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    And the best thing is.... they still sell out stadiums. In a big way.
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