Anna Nicole Smith gets NOTHING.

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  1. I don't think she cares.
  2. HAHA:D
  3. Lethn


    Slut >_>

    I don't care if there are girls reading this that get offended either.

    Gold digging slut!

  4. And what was the guy she married??

  5. Lethn


    Meh they're both sluts.

    But then again I think it's even worse to marry each other for money and lie to everyone for years that you're in love when it's blatantly obvious that isn't the case.

    This is actually where I have a bit of respect for the people who are honest about not wanting to be tied down and have casual attitudes to sex.

    p.s. Also why I doubt I'll ever get married too
  6. Pekelo


    She should have got something, after all she did waste what, 2 years of her life on him? Not 300 mil, but let's say at least 10. The son would still have plenty left to play with...
  7. CET


    The old goat gave her several million (I think it was $8M) while they were married, but she blew it (probably on blow).
  8. I think that the old man was probably stringing her along. He no doubt knew what she was after and only told her he would give he so much money, but was lying to her just to get what he wanted. A man generally doesnt become a billionaire by being moral.
  9. Lethn


    ffs you could easily live off that for years without any bother, it never ceases to amaze me how greedy some people can be. The only reason I'd ever want more than that is to fund companies or research that no one else will.
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