[ANN][ICO]⭐ CHER Eco city ⭐ The rise of the First True Eco-city

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    About the Cher Ecocity:

    The Blockchain based first Investment Project for Creating a True Eco-city. CHER is an Eco-City with luxurious amenities like the racecourse, 5-star hotel, casino, spa, stem cell therapy.

    CHER is a green project that is economically viable while creating an eco-city with zero carbon environments, The Eco-city built to living within the environment, utilizing nearby materials, and neighborhood vitality, air and water streams (daylight, wind and rain) to optimum advantage.

    The world's first true Eco-city built on cryptocurrency, where payments are made in the cryptocurrency. The investor will be able to pay directly tokens for accommodation and other services on the territory of the Eco-city.

    CHER Eco-city is ecologically healthy and sustainable city that coexists peacefully with nature. It is a new innovative lifestyle accessible to everyone. It is a new mode of existence, of creativity, of luxury with amenities of Urban City, of Eco-City, and the extravagance of a Capitalist City.

    You feel having the benefit of nature without really influencing your urban lifestyle, Eco-city and luxury lifestyle to bring the best of experience that you ever had.





    Token Allocations

    Pre-Sale Preliminary Phase

    • Start Date: January 15 th , 2018
    • Token Price: 1 ETH = 1000 CHE
    • Minimum Amount per Buyer: $5000
    • Maximum Amount per Buyer: $21 Million (After 30% Discount)
    • End Date: February 2 nd , 2018
    CHER Roadmap


    Meet Our Team:

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