Ann Coulter's right about McCain

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    no, i'm not going to vote or campagin for hillary

    but i will stay home and watch her win if mccain's the candidate

    'hold you nose and vote' voting has it's place, but when used excessivly, it becomes 'it's ok we screwed you' voting, and those who practice this kind of 'boxing in' need to be taught a lesson

    i dissagree with coulter on a lot of things, but she's right here
  2. Correct me if I am wrong but one of your biggest issues is outsourcing. If that's the case why do you even consider voting republican, what makes you think Romney would be any better than McCain on this issue?

    PS I do agree with your post but I am merely curious why an opponent of outsourcing would support the staunchly pro-outsourcing republican party.
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    you're correct, i'm strongly anti-outsourcing, although more strongly anti-insourcing (H-1b) since that is where the citizen has more legitimate jurisdiction

    hillary couldnt be more in bed with india

    there's 2 outsourcing parties, one that's openly for it, and the other that blatently lies about it's support of it

    john edwards co-sponsored the biggest h-1b increase ever, s2045. everything he says about the middle class is a bald faced lie

    i dont like either party, but i do make observations about individual candidates

    and yes, i faxed romney's campaign through numbersusa about h-1b
  4. Virtually every prominent conservative talk show host is against McCain. Rush, Coulter, Ingraham, Hannity, etc. I'm not saying voters should rely solely on them, but when they all oppose one guy with the ferocity they have McCain, shouldn't it tell voters to rethink matters? Particularly when the candidate is a guy with the kind of personal story, ie career military, POW, that they would normally go weak in the knees over?
  5. Fair enough. Unfortunately like you said there's 2 insourcing (pro-illegal) parties too, one that's openly for it, and the other that blatently lies about it's support of it.
  6. Or maybe, just maybe, those with the most to gain from the extreme polarization of American politics have realized that the sensible center is exerting new influence and threatening to put them out of business? That an America willing to come together and seek out common values rather than differences is not in their best interests?

    These guys are just talking their own book, figuratively & literally. Listen to them -- by which I include Michael Moore & his ilk as well -- and you are standing in the way of the most promising trend in American politics in the last decade.

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    problem is, we cant convince mainstream media and diebold

    hillary vs mccain is the ideal elite lock - pantsuit or regular suit being the only real difference

    kind of like 2004 'which skull & bones do you prefer?'
  8. which liberal socialist democrat are you going to vote for... mccain or hillary"?
  9. Hey, we agree for once. :D
  10. you're coming around.
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