Ann Coulter Says GOP Should Give In To Obama On Taxes: 'We Lost The Election'

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    Ann Coulter shocked Sean Hannity on Wednesday when she conceded that she thinks Republicans should let tax rates for the rich go up.

    House Republicans are currently battling President Obama over whether or not to hike taxes on the top 2 percent of earners in the negotiations over the so-called "fiscal cliff."

    After Coulter started to say that Republicans should concede on taxes on the very rich, Hannity wondered why the House didn't just pass a bill extending the Bush tax cuts for everyone.

    "OK fine, let's do that, but in the end, at some point, if the Bush tax cuts are repealed and everyone's taxes go up, I promise you Republicans will get blamed for it," she said. "It doesn't mean you cave on everything, but there are some things Republicans do that feed into what the media is telling America about Republicans."

    "So are you saying that, for PR purposes, that they should give in to Obama on the tax rate?" Hannity asked.

    "Not exactly, I--" Coulter said, before stopping herself and saying, "Well, yeah, I guess I am."

    "You're saying capitulate to Obama?" Hannity stammered. "We don't have a revenue problem, Ann."

    "We lost the election, Sean!" Coulter replied.
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    Leftist bitch.

    ; )
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    I am still wondering why we can't just raise the taxes on Obama voters in the top 5 percent.
  4. :D
    They may try that.LOL:D it will not solve much even if its poetic justice.
  5. Why would someone in their right mind object to taxes being raised on the top 2% ?
  6. I have no idea. As long as they don't touch capital gains we are good. Most traders don't even clear 250.. some do, but most don't..
  7. Come on people, does anyone really believe the argument, discussion, feud, whatever is about the 2 or 3% difference for those above $250k or $300k of income? I don't mind paying the difference, I didn't see much benefit from the tax cuts other than put some money in my kid's accounts. I have created jobs, but the tax implications had zero, nada, to do with it. Just hard work and risk taking.
  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    LOL, a 2-3% difference in the tax rate?!?!

    Are you serious?!?

    How bout a doubling of the dividend and cap gains tax, of course the one benefit that will serve is it will make the muni's and Treasury bonds a little more appetising, so now we can all move back to funding the hopelessly inept government.
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    why? well first of all its criminal to confiscate our hard worked for income. it started at 2 percent now its up to 40 or more percent.
    How can anyone call that fair... its fricken nuts.


    because many of clients make that much and they still have trouble being able to afford living in So Cal.

    Govt sucking no nothings and govt workers who do not have to save for retirement would not understand that if you are hard working and in your 40s you might make 250.

    then you look at kids
    mortgage or rent
    property taxes
    2 cars
    and all the other expenses going with raising kids... and 250 is around the bare minimum.

    Then we have commies on the left telling us we are rich and we should not not mind giving up more that 40 percent of our income to over paid govt pensions, govt waste and do nothings.

    We wish to tell you greedy fools to jump in a lake... but we are too busy working.

    I have an client who has an accounting business... business is slowing down... so she can't afford to pay on her 7000 a month mortgage.

    That is what it took to buy a home in a good carlsbad neighborhood in the mid 90s.

    She should have to pay higher taxes....she is not white at hates to have to sell.
    I have a dozen similar examples.
  10. Wah wah wah. Tough. We did it during the Clinton era. We need the money. The top 2% incomes have done relatively better than the rest of the actual working people over the last thirty years and can certainly afford the tiny amount more.
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