Ann Coulter Pleads For Deported Mexican Mom...

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  1. Ok, just kidding.

    Instead of having "Republican" presidential debates moderated by white male lefties like Chris Mathews and George Stephanopoulos, why don't they show they aren't afraid of a little diversity and have a debate with the questions coming form the likes of Ann coulter, Michelle Mailkin and Phylis Schlafly? I mean, I don;t see the Dem's getting interrogated by O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Limbaugh. They get softball questions from liberal moderators or nutcases on YouTube. The Dem candidates won't even go on Fox News, they are such weenies. Obama can't deal with Brit Hume but he is eager to meet with Chavez and Ahmedinijad.

    Anyway, Ann's take on the liberal sob story of the week:


    1 DOWN, 11,999,999 TO GO
    August 22, 2007

    Mickey Kaus has raised the intriguing possibility that, since Bush's amnesty plan went down to humiliating defeat once Americans got wind of what the elites had planned for us, the Bush administration might respond by intentionally targeting highly sympathetic illegal aliens for deportation "in as clumsy, heartless and lawsuit-inspiring a fashion as possible, in order to create the maximum number of negative headlines."

    Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff described anti-amnesty Americans as being satisfied with nothing less than "the death penalty" for illegal aliens and recently warned of "some unhappy consequences" unless illegal aliens were granted amnesty. Yes, that Michael Chertoff -- the guy in charge of keeping us safe from foreign invasions.

    So it was curious when we were treated this week to a weeping Mexican woman on TV, claiming the U.S. government was tearing her from her infant son and saying she knew the American people would be outraged if she were deported. (I note that her message might have been more effective in English.)

    Admittedly, I'd just as soon have Homeland Security focusing on illegal immigrants like the one who shot four promising college kids execution style in Newark, killing three of them, possibly after sexually molesting two of them. Heck, I wouldn't have minded if they had deported Jose Carranza even before his girlfriend accused him of raping her 5-year-old daughter.

    Or Ruben Hernandez-Juarez, an illegal alien charged with sexually molesting a 6-year-old boy in Martin County, Fla.

    Or Alejandro Bautista, an illegal alien in Cook County, Ill., who was convicted for sexually molesting two teenaged boys.

    Or Alejandro Xuya-Sian, the illegal alien who hit a pedestrian with his car in New York and dragged him for nearly a mile before dislodging the victim from his car, throwing him aside and driving off again. (Even more disturbing: Xuya-Sian may not have been wearing his seat belt at the time.)

    Or illegal alien Alberto Barajas-Enriquez, who is charged with beating his Michigan neighbor to death with a golf club because the neighbor complained about the constant barking of Enriquez's dog. Asked by police how many times he struck his victim with the golf club, Enriquez said, "Let's see ... five, six ... uh, put me down for a seven."

    Or Lucio Sanchez-Martinez, the illegal alien in Ohio charged with sexually molesting a sleeping 8-year-old girl.

    For simplicity, I have limited my enumeration of illegal aliens I would like deported to those who were charged or convicted of heinous crimes last week. For illegal aliens charged with child molestation, I had to limit it to two days last week.

    Still, if Elvira Arellano is the best they've got to change public opinion on deporting illegal aliens, don't expect public opinion to change anytime soon.

    Arellano has already snuck into the country illegally twice (that we know of). After being deported in 1999 -- under an administration that, astonishingly, was more serious about enforcing immigration law than the current one -- she illegally ran across the border again a few days later.

    Only after 9/11 was she arrested again and convicted for using a stolen Social Security number to get a job as a cleaning woman at an airport. In lieu of jail time, Arellano was to be deported. Instead she took refuge in a left-wing "church" and began to bellyache about being thrown out again.

    Despite living in this country illegally for a decade, Arellano hasn't mastered the most rudimentary English. She doesn't want to assimilate and become a "Mexican-American." She wants to be a Mexican-Mexican living in and off America.

    So far, the only thing Arellano has contributed to America is one illegitimate child.

    Arellano is part of the advance wave of left-wing, Third World colonization of America. Democrats claim there are "two Americas." If they have their way, there will be two Latin Americas.

    Liberals know they're losing the demographic war. Christians have lots of children and adopt lots of children; liberals abort children and encourage the gay lifestyle in anyone with a flair for color.

    They can't keep up.

    Population expert Nick Eberstadt recently speculated in The Washington Post that a principal reason for America's high fertility rate compared to Europe's is its religiosity. Well, that leaves liberals out.

    The Democratic Party is in the fight of its life against a conservative demographic trend. Its only hope is to gerrymander America to make the poorest half of Mexico a state. Only a massive influx of criminals, wards of the state and rioters can save them.

    This is why Democrats are obsessed with giving two groups the right to vote: illegal aliens and felons. With Arellano, they get two for the price of one. To liberals, building a wall across the Mexican border is a violation of the Voting Rights Act.

    Democrats are counting on illegal immigrants to be the future of their party, their border guards for the new socialist state. At least liberals have a clear mission and know what they're fighting for. Their plan is to destroy America.

    Karl Rove's only response is: "I don't want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds in Las Vegas."

    Arellano can go, and take her kid with her.
  2. maxpi


    Ann Coulter is smart, she's an attorney, but I thought that article was weak coming from her.
  3. Turok


    In spite of there being a number of things she's gets right on (and a number she doesn't IMO), she chooses to write from the standpoint of humor and attempts to incite -- sort of a "Daily Show" version from the right.

    It's a shame that smart folks like Stewart and Coulter rarely make arguments based on merits.


  4. As always, Ann is doing what she does best (and she does it very well) - making money. Catering to her crowd. I don't begrudge her for it.

    Passages like the incredible smear job above serve to illustrate the fact that Ann has no need or desire to appear credible to objective analysts on either the right or left.

    I'm all for control over immigration. I'm all for profiling young single Muslim males who come here and enroll in flight training schools, or attempt to get a job in the coal mines. But this piece of shit above is just so stupid that once again, the only way to explain it is to point out that it's the 'political commentary' equivalent of a Bret Easton Ellis novel.

    Is it all Mexicans who are bloodthirsty rapists? Or only immigrants? Or only illegal immigrants? When a 4th generation Irish American rapes a 3 year old child and then cuts her body into pieces and tosses it into a garbage disposal piece by piece, as happened recently, does that mean all Irish illegal aliens are child murdering rapists? Or Irish immigrants? What about all the other 4th generation Irish Americans?

    Once again, Ann laughs all the way to the bank.
  5. Paul Krugman responds:

    "Strangely, nobody seems to be trying to make a national political issue out of other horrifying crimes, like the Connecticut home invasion in which two paroled convicts, both white, are accused of killing a mother and her two daughters. Oh, and by the way: over all, Hispanic immigrants appear to commit relatively few crimes — in fact, their incarceration rate is actually lower than that of native-born non-Hispanic whites. "

  6. "Christians have lots of children and adopt lots of children; liberals abort children and encourage the gay lifestyle in anyone with a flair for color.

    They can't keep up.

    Population expert Nick Eberstadt recently speculated in The Washington Post that a principal reason for America's high fertility rate compared to Europe's is its religiosity. Well, that leaves liberals out.

    The Democratic Party is in the fight of its life against a conservative demographic trend."

    Democrats abort their babies and lez/homos don't have any! :p I always loved that one - vicious and impossible to defend. :D

    I hear they preach on this subject in one of the idiot churches by me.

    Does Coulter have pups?
  7. No, but Z would love to give her a couple.......

    :D :D
  8. Talk about misleading. I'd love to see him prove the last statement. Hispanics are in prison in numbers far out of proportion to their share of the population. Anyway, he is lumping legal and illegal immigrants. We're talking illegals, you know, the people who aren't supposed to be here in the first place. That's why their crimes get people worked up. If the immigration laws had been enforced, these horrifying killings, etc wouldn't have happened.

    We might not be able to do anything about crimes committted by legal residents, but anyone except PC-addled liberals can see that something is desperately wrong when known illegals are released or paroled repeatedly after committing horrible crimes. So it is only natural that when they kill again, people are upset.

    I might add that people were also angry about the connecticutt home invasion, as it was apparently committed by two career criminals who had a lifetime of coddling by the criminal justice system.
  9. Actually, wouldn't we have to consider all illegal immigrants criminals considering they have entered this country illiegally? That means that every single illegal immgrant has committed a crime. I wouldn't consider that relatively few.
  10. All Americans are criminals. At the very least, we have all violated traffic laws.

    Every good sophistry deserves another. :)

    Incarceration rates are statistically useful because they measure the seriousness of a crime through the lens of the justice system and the political system which allocates enforcement resources.

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