Ann Coulter: GOP has a problem with con men and charlatans

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  1. And just a more corporate problem is I think our party and particularly our movement, the conservative movement, does have more of a problem with con men and charlatans than the Democratic Party,” Coulter continued. “I mean, the incentives seem to be set up to allow people, as long as you have a band of a few million fanatical followers, you can make money. The Democrats have managed to figure out how not to do that.”

    “Dennis Kucinich, he’s a nut, he has fanatical followers, [but] he doesn’t gets a show on MSNBC. He doesn’t get any kind of gig on MSNBC. He’s road kill. Howard Dean doesn’t get a show. Howard Dean was fairly respectable for a Democrat. No, you embarrass us and drag this thing out, and you are finished in the Democratic Party.”

    She noted that Republicans had been asked to sign a number of controversial pledges, such as Grover Norquist’s anti-tax pledge and The Family Leader’s marriage pledge. But the only pledge, Coulter joked, that she would support was one that said: “If I lose the nomination, I pledge I will not take a gig with Fox News or write a book.”
  2. Coulter, whom I am beginning to see that she was a true believer, is feeling betrayed.

    She has put her skinny little ass on the line for the men of the GOP, and now she is watching them wage a war on her gender. I cannot blame her for being pissed.
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    I do not understand why any thinking person, liberal or conservative, would waste 10 seconds on the writings of Ann Coulter.
  4. well let me dumb it down for you. ann coulter is a rabid right winger. if even she thinks the leaders in the gop are losers you might have a problem.
  5. I like them both I have no idea what the riff is about nor do I really care.
  6. +1 or more.