Ann Coulter at it again

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  1. Sometimes, you have to wonder if Ann is into parody, like Stephen Colbert:,1,6319398.story?coll=la-headlines-nation

    Coulter's remarks help Edwards' cause
    The presidential candidate's wife criticizes the conservative author's comments while citing them in an appeal for campaign donations.
    From the Associated Press
    June 28, 2007

    WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards said Wednesday that conservative author Ann Coulter's attacks on him were hurtful, even as his campaign used her remarks in an appeal for donations.

    Edwards, a former senator from North Carolina, was responding to Coulter's suggestion that she wished he would be "killed in a terrorist assassination plot." His campaign cited her remarks in two e-mails to supporters for donations.

    It was not the first time Coulter had given the Edwards campaign a financial boost. In March, she used the word "faggot" in reference to Edwards, and his campaign used video of the comment to help raise $300,000 before the end of the first quarter.

    In the latest e-mails, the campaign asked supporters to send donations to defy her remarks and help Edwards meet his goal of raising $9 million in the second quarter. The first e-mail from campaign advisor Joe Trippi showed a clip of Coulter on ABC's "Good Morning America," where she made the assassination comments Monday.

    In answering criticism of her March speech, Coulter referred to comedian Bill Maher's suggestion, also in March, that "people wouldn't be dying needlessly" if Vice President Dick Cheney had been killed when terrorists launched an attack as he visited Afghanistan. She contends that Maher — whose comment about Cheney drew little attention — was not joking.

    "So I've learned my lesson," she said on the ABC program. "If I'm going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot."

    When Coulter appeared Tuesday on MSNBC's "Hardball," Elizabeth Edwards called in to ask Coulter to stop making personal attacks on her husband. The exchanged deteriorated, with Coulter shouting over Elizabeth Edwards and demanding that the campaign stop using her name to raise money if they want her to stop such attacks. Response to the controversy was so large that it repeatedly crashed the server for MSNBC's political blog Wednesday.

    Elizabeth Edwards followed up with an e-mail to supporters Wednesday morning that included a clip of their exchange and a donation request. The campaign said it raised more money this week than from any previous e-mail campaign, but declined to give a total.

    "I think when they engage in these attacks and use the language of hate, it's very important to stand up," Edwards told the Associated Press. "What happens if you are silent when this kind of hateful language is used — not just by her, but by anyone — hate gets a foothold."

    Edwards pointed out that Coulter's attacks hadn't been limited to him but also included his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination. Coulter has made fun of Hillary Rodham Clinton's legs and compared Barack Obama to terrorists because his middle name is Hussein.

    "What she said about Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama is outrageous," Edwards said. "And somebody has to stand up when she makes these kind of attacks."
  2. Ann Coulter should come with a warning label: "Only suitable for adults who can understand elementary rhetorical devices like irony and hyperbole."

    The Edwards are unusually disgusting people, even for politicians. They run around criticizing everyone for not caring as much as they do, while they live a life of incredible wealth and privilege, funded by junk science malpractice cases, no work hedge fund "jobs" and campaign donations. Edwards tearfully recalls his formative years as the son of a millworker to justify his demagoguery. Wonder what his dad thinks about those $400 haircuts? He reminds me of the Charlie Sheen character in Wall Street.

    I really find it disgusting for John to send his wife, who they have made sure everyone knows has terminal cancer, out to do the hatchet jobs for him. What's next, sending out one of their children to plead that the mean woman stop hurting their sick mommy?

    Edwards even creeped out Kerry's campaign consultant, Bob Shrum, who wrote at length about it in his book.
  3. So what you are saying is that Coulter spews hype...

    We agree she is a Man of little substance, beyond that hulking Adam's apple...

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  4. edwards is a CFR puppet, that makes him an enemy of this country.

    ann coulter is pure filth... making fun of 9/11 widows was unacceptable. i hope she comes back as mitt romney's dog in her next life.
  5. this makes me want to throw up but zzZZZ coward is right on this one...

  6. jem


    I am not fan of ann coulter. Although she is sometimes correct.

    This deal of sending his wife out to do his talking only proves further that Coulter is right. He is a fag with 400 dollar haircuts.

    He has made two large mistakes in his career. Getting abused by Cheney in their debate and now handling his fag stuff like a fag.

    The correct response was to say well if I'm a fag shes a transvestite. It would still be a good response. But he is too much of fag to use it.
  7. More examples of that right wing klannish Kristian "tolerance."

    "Getting abused by Cheney in their debate and now handling his fag stuff like a fag."

    You are really making a name for yourself as one who hates homosexuals...

    You must be a closet gay trapped in a loveless marriage, thinking of how you could be sucking rock, but instead have to do the Missionary thing...

  8. jem


    yeah this has anything to do with my like or dislike of homosexuals.

    You are getting desperate I have proven, out of your own mouth, your are intolerant and filled with hate. You attacked my Religion (which you do not even name pick correctly) and you now tell me I must be in a loveless marriage.

    You are acting like a sick wounded animal.

    Oh no zzz said I am Gay - oh no!!!!! This liberal defender of gays is using sexual orientation as some sort insult or put down. Could he be any more twisted and sick?

    zzz I don't know or care if your are gay but I do know you had to be the biggest fag on in your neighborhood growing up and now you are the biggest fag on Et.
  9. You really are losing it.

    Jesus would be so proud of your behavior lately...

    You can explain it to St. Peter when the time comes...

  10. jem


    What a troll you are.
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