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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pekelo, Aug 7, 2006.

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    Hehe, just like I said a few weeks ago, Lieberman is a Republican, only a blind couldn't see. If you still need further evidence:

    "an interview with Fox's Neal Cavuto to explain how much she admires the senator and suggesting that, instead of fighting for the Democratic nomination in Connecticut, Lieberman ought to switch parties. "I think he should come all the way and become a Republican," argues Coulter, who says of Lieberman and the GOP: "at least he'd fit in with the party."


    "Even though it comes from Coulter, that's not entirely crazy talk. In February of this year, Connecticut Republican Congressman Chris Shays told editors of the Stamford Advocate newspaper that he would be voting for Lieberman this year and urged other Republicans to do the same. The Hartford Courant reported on February 28 that "GOP officials have discussed cross-endorsing Democratic Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman this fall."

    You have to give it to the Reps, nice job of implanting a spy in the row of Dems... :)
  2. I would remind you that he was enough of a Democrat to be the party's Vice Presidential nominee in 2000. The fact that he is deemed a right wing conservative now shows just how radical and extreme the Democrat Party and its wacko base have become.

    People might want to think about that before electing Hillary Clinton president, because she will be filling the government with those same nutcase activists, not the Joe Liebermans.
  3. Lieberman in some ways is the Democrat equivalent of Rudy Guilianni. How would a third party ticket of those two fare in '08?
  4. I am sure you realize this is nonsense, Lieberman was a [very] conservative democrat to begin with and was chosen by Gore for a very specific reason - to offset a negative effect of Clinton/Monica scandal. But right now Liberman's unwavering support for the war in Iraq and a bunch of other Bush policies of questionable legality is what's killing him, it has nothing to do with a "radicalization" of the democratic party.
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    Well, I think I remember...

    That fact is not an evidence to the contrary. It just shows there isn't much difference between the parties. If Gore had been president, than Joe would have been the ultimate Rep insider!

    I am reading a book on the 1929 crash, and the author notes that there was basicly no difference between Al Smith's and Hoover's program in the 1928 election. The election went purely on personality. Something just never changes... :)
  6. I think the differences between the "mainstreams" of the two parties are both large and in fact growing. To an extent, I think that is a good thing, since the differences tend to be matters of principle.

    Voters have a right to know what policies their congressmen support. Too many time the campaigns are exercises in hiding which policy he supports rather than debating them. If the parties are known for radically different policies, it makes the choice more clear cut for the voters.

    I know plenty of people think you should ignore hot button issues and "vote for the best man." All I can say is everyone in Washington thinks that is too naive to believe.
  7. Oh sure, and Zell Miller was enough of a democrat to speak at Republican National Convention...

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    I have 2 mutually exclusive ideas to reform the US political system:

    1. Let the PEOPLE make up some real parties with real choices representing different groups of the society and make it a representative democracy, as it is supposed to be. There could be a party for the greens, for blue collar workers, for rich people (they could call it Republicans), one for farmers, one for liberals,etc. Don't need too many, but about 4-7 would be nice.

    Now since this is kind of a crazy idea, I have a REAL solution:

    2. The US should declare itself a kingdom, forbid all political parties and crown a king. The money that is wasted now on so called elections could be used for royal parades, show offs, horse races, even hangings, etc.
    Instead of worshipping the flag, Americans finally could worhip a crown!! Since the real power would stay with the corporations, the king could be any idiot, even Dubya...

    How is that for ideas?? :)