Ankle grabbing Bears.

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  1. wow. who thought the US Market would be up over 50 Points today off of Google.

  2. What strength.

    :( :confused: :mad:

    Another Bear Trap.
  3. And, foreign market relief-rally coming soon.
  4. :confused: , Europes already up big.
  5. I love 100 % up room to go

  6. You go areyoukidding....
  7. Choad


    Yeah Baby!!!

    Like I said over and over and over and...

    Buy those dips!

    - and -

    Sell 'em quicks!

  8. Hello,

    Considering that Google is not part of the DOW, why should this be such a surprise? Not trying to rain on your parade either. One other thought, the day isn't over and they could hold em, or they could fold em. I don't make predictions either way. I'll never be able to know what each market participant will do at any given time. Just have to take the watch and see approach.

    Good trading to ya!

  9. How do you trade with no ideas?

    By its very function you buy a stock or index because you think it is going to go up. Or am i wrong.
  10. As an alternative, it is possible to enter a market as it is already moving in the appropriate direction in a manner that is familiar to you. You need not predict that movement, you just have to wait for it. In that context you are trading the combination of movement and familiarity rather than "ideas" or "predictions." Just a thought.
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