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    Official: Taliban execute boy, 7, as spy

    Suspected Taliban militants publicly hanged a 7-year-old boy for spying in the militant stronghold of Helmand province, an Afghan official told the Associated Press.

    The child was placed on trial by the Islamic extremist group and later found guilty of working for Afghan President Hamid Karzai's government, the local official said.

    Karzai on Thursday condemned the alleged act, calling it a "crime against humanity".

    "A 7-year-old boy cannot be a spy," said Karzai in published reports. "A 7-year-old boy cannot be anything but a seven-year-old boy, and therefore hanging or shooting to kill a seven-year-old boy ... is a crime against humanity."

    New British Prime Minister David Cameron — making his first visit to Afghanistan since being elected last month — joined Karzai in condemning recent attacks, including the hanging.

    “If this is true, it is an absolutely horrific crime,” Cameron said during a news conference in Kabul. “If true, I think it says more about the Taliban than any book, than any article, than any speech could ever say.”
  2. talk about nut cases!
  3. It might be propaganda.
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    Well it was reported on MSNBC, admittedly that does make it suspect.
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    Its an AP Wire news story. First saw it on Fox but wanted to use a different source so the resident nutjobs don't come out screaming that it is nothing but a FAUX news story.