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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by wolfab82, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. wolfab82


    Why are there so many angry, acidic, crusty old men on this Forum?

    I am a noob. I simply asked a question about how to start a small fund and have received many good responses and many insults! What is wrong with these people?

    Why are they so angry? Is this purely an American trait? Is race a factor? Does it come with the territory as most traders are arrogant blowhards?
  2. spinn


    The markets are in a very difficult environment and even more traders than usual are losing money.....some after being profitable for quite some time.

    How could it be racism?

    Dont take it personally....there are just a lot of very frustrated "traders" on ET at the moment.
  3. Surdo


    Very few posters have funded accounts here first of all, where are you from that you have the need to paint all Americans with one brush stroke.

    Many Europeans are arrogant douches and many are cool cats, which are you?

    You really need thicker skin to make it in this business, you are getting all pissy over the internet, I can imagine how you might act on a desk when someone calls you a name.

    Stick with the dry cleaning business.
  4. wolfab82


    thanks for that. i am not much of a social person, i have not lived a sheltered life but fail to understand miserable people. its amazing that you can power on a computer, and have all this hate for people you dont know.

    thanks again like a babe in a pack of wolves on this thing!

  5. wolfab82


    I posed a question, I did not make a statement on either side. I want to know opinions. I did not make any other opinion other than these people are cranky.

    Are you one of them? (question marks mean question, not a statement)
  6. Surdo


    I like everybody!

    Take 90% of what you read here with a grain of salt.
  7. Surdo


    Do you really think I give a rat's ass about your opinions outside of ZN, ES, or 6E?
  8. wolfab82


    I humbly thank you. Its my first venture into ET.
    I had a myspace account and deleted it after noticing how my generation is full of...well, degenerates. (blanket statement, i know)

    I had a facebook account and noticed that all the rich prep kids i had the misfortune of going to school with are dooshbag silver spooners that like taking credit for what their great parents had done.

    I deleted it.

    Im gonna keep this ET account open since i have met a lot of useful, kind and generous people in less than 24 hours!

    the internet is amazing! Thanks again for your positive inputs!
  9. wolfab82


    I wish I had started a dry cleaning business! I have thick skin, but your right, prolly not thick enough.

    I believe in the Golden rule (how naive of me). Dooshbags are why I dont work at a desk, I work alone. I am much happier and better because of it.

    Some people like working with rude, arrogant pricks, good for them. I am not one of them, those frat boy games are left to morons who never grew up out of college or high school mentalities.

    Again, thanks to those who know how to read and have positive energy and input. Even thanks to the negatives that know how to be polite.

    Yes, I am 26 and pissy, I am new to the world and cant stand most people over 30, really bitter robots, the whole lot of them.

    The funniest was working at a brokerage. It was a fucking fashion show although all the business was on the screen and on the phone. Same thing at my high school in NYC. We wore shirts and ties and some of the guys went overboard, IT WAS AN ALL BOYS SCHOOL!! I believe in good hygiene and appearances but I have learned that most people go overboard and are shallow. This is a distraction. This my querido surdo, is why I never joined a frat, and refuse to work at a desk when I could do the same in terms of leverage on my own, using futures!

    Good day, mal-educado!
  10. wolfab82


    wait, this means this guy cares about strangers opinions on actual financial products. looking to et for trading guidance in that much detail?

    i think its a good place to trade ideas, exchange info about common knowledge regulation, or in my case, how to start a small fund.

    i still dont see the point of posting for negativity. its a waste. why bother? it shows a small mind.
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