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  1. :mad: My first angry trade since 2005 when i shorted 5k shares of Chevron at 67 dollars per share and had it drop a buck against me then when i changed sides, it went against me again (that was my worst day trading ever and i lost something like 7k in 10 minutes). Just happened to me again with the yen only it did it 4 times only i kept adding higher and higher size each time. I finally recaptured a little of my loss, but I took a bit of a hit anyway. Funny thing is that i've take so much bigger hits and not gotten so emotional like i did today. I have to wonder...was it the money that got me emotional or being wrong? And to not get emotional like this for the last few years, but get emotional on a trade that is no where near my biggest loss on a single trade. Not even in the top 20. I've since turned off my platform now as i know i cant trade in this condition. But i am puzzled why i got so emotional.
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    possibly as time moves on, the truth of our existence drags on the subconcious. "THE BUBBLE" there are more and more ready to burst.
  3. Over the years i've learned to never try and hit the market after being hit myself.... cause Mr. Market can always hit back harder.. and harder.. and harder.. and harder yet again until you stop hitting back.
  4. psy-weapon could have been used against you... making you more sensitive or emotional...
  5. When both put and call volumes are elevated, we have significant differences of opinions among bulls and bears. In a sense, we can view that as a proxy measure for market uncertainty. When this uncertainty is high, stocks
    appear to yield superior returns over the following month. Combining this measure with the VIX, might provide an interesting options-based view of stock market psychology
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    peil, I have had the same sorts of things happen to me, both in trading and poker-- where you're past something for years-- and all of the sudden you go back and make a rookie mistake. I think it means we have temporarily lost the ability to accept losses. We get used to the good growth in account equity and forget about losing streaks. When they come, we do not accept them and are at risk of doing something stupid.

    It is yet another aspect of gambling to master.
  7. How the hell do u trade? Gut feel?
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    ^ that's exactly what I was thinking.