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  1. what percent of 'top traders' get angry
    break keyboards , curse , etc at the top hedge funds
    and prop firms and or Investment Banks , Mutual Funds
    when things go wrong and their P+L suffers ?

    what percent of 'top tier' firms ( mentioned above )

    try to get a psy. profile of any new hires
    to avoid the type of bad karma such anger
    leaves around in its wake

  2. I would have to say that a person who acts the way you describe would never fit into the "top trader" category.

    If you break anything cause you lost a trade, you are in the wrong business.
  3. All this coming from an 'insaneinvestory'????
  4. I have smashed the legs off more keyboards than I care to remember. The legs on my current keyboard lasted all of three days before they were sent flying.

    This keyboard now has a pound of glue on the back of it as I keep gluing the legs back on.
  5. Steve Cohen's firm avoids that by putting its traders on an Estrogen Therapy regimen.
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    you pretty much just see that @ prop firm and it is generally not a part of life at top funds or on top quality execution desks (fx, futures or otherwise). don't get me wrong you sometimes see a phone get broken, but it is rare.
  7. I LOL'd.
  8. NOTHING wrong with being angry at mistakes.
    Also not much wrong with venting.

    The ONLY thing that matters...
    Is that the trader learns from his mistakes.

    And that process takes places days and weeks after a "disaster"...
    Where MANY hours are spent analyzing losing trades...
    And developing ways to avoid losses in the future.

    Everyone here is barking up the wrong tree.

    90% of the difference between great traders...
    And average traders...
    Is learning to avoid pitfalls...
    Learning to limiting losses once a position goes against you...
    And learning to trade extreme markets.

    Any idiot can trade a calm, trending market.

    2007 was the kind of year...
    That separated the Pros from the Pretenders.
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    I think it's all dependant on what "breaking something" is doing for you. If you can get angry about a trade and get over it by walking away and cooling down, that's great (what I do).

    If you break something to get over it and you actually get over it, that's great too.

    If unleashing your anger is the first step in a process where you trade with emotion instead of rational thinking it's obviously dangerous.

    Everyone has a different way to deal with losses, it's the ones that can actually deal with it and be done that makes one a "top trader".
  10. NO HE CANNOT.Thats why ET is mostly wannabes & 'has-beens'.
    Calm & upswings/downswings are there all the time. That is the perception of the highly successful trader. Simple.No offence intended.
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