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  1. Do you believe Angels exist or donot exist. Have you had any experience where you feel Angels have helped you?

    If they exist , what is the best way to contact them.?

    Any credible resources to read on this subject much appreciated as well. Thanks
  2. i got one sitting on my shoulder right now.

    What do you want to know i'll ask?
  3. Avoid the 900 telephone numbers.
  4. if you send me $1000 of seed money the angels will answer your prayers. no man can get through to angels but by me.
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  6. Yes, I definately believe in these magnificent light beings. My guardian Angel or Angels have saved my ass countless times. Someday I will meet them, and it is my prayer that the Good Lord will let me be one, if that is possible. As long as I don't end up in that firery place:D
  7. I am the Xspurt.

    There are 2 kinds of angels: Good ones and real bad-ass ones.

    Each group is divided into 2 types: Big ones and little ones.

    All angels have a leader: the good ones chose God and the bad ones chose a dragon.

    The bad guys pretend to be the good guys and are easy to contact.

    The good ones are not allowed to be contacted or contact us unless God says so.

    Even so, both good and bad angels are always present with us.

    If you don't want to talk to God the bad-asses will be glad to get in contact with you. There are many options available - look up what is forbidden in the bible.

    Later you'll discover why it's forbidden and what it's like having a dragon as ruler. He's the worst bad-ass of all.
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    I wake up every morning and have to tell that dragon to bug off. This morning I asked him why, if he's so great he doesn't just go make his own universe... I think he said he'd get back to me on that one.......

    I lived in the Mojave Desert for a long time, way too long really, the place gets to you... Two different friends stayed in my travel trailer in the back yard. One got creeped out and could not sleep. He said he always was hearing something outside. The other one said he came out in the night and he saw a big black man-figure that turned into a bat and flew off... the next door neighbor was sleeping with a gun under his pillow because he saw a black man in his back yard.. he had a five foot chain link fence, pretty hard for somebody to get in and out of the yard... he and his uncles had a farm in the area as well and they had all seen some apparition at the same time he said. The death rate on the block was astonishing, in a few year's time about half the houses on the block had somebody croak, some for no known reason at all. I knew people personally that had stories of waking up in the night with something on top of them and they could not breathe, they said they really were going to die but they called out to Jesus and the things immediately went away... and I know a guy that has a ministry where he can get the devil and all sorts of evil stuff to talk right out of people, at length sometimes.. it always can be made to leave them eventually but he got the devil to talk about all sorts of stuff over years of doing that.

    The good angels need our prayers, they fight all the time for us, largely unseen. They will Love you for praying for them.

    I was reading my Bible one evening, the part about Israel in the desert and God was leading them with a pillar of light and I was falling asleep and I just sort of said to God that I was jealous of Israel and how I wished I'd like to have a pillar of light to lead me... I woke up later and there was a pillar of light across the room... I've let God lead me more since then, it's much better...

    I knew an old guy that was in WW2, he talked about being in a pitched battle and standing near a cannon with some GI's. He said that there were a couple of guys there, not in uniforms, out of nowhere, and then a shell blew up the cannon and nobody got injured and the guys were gone.. I'm sure there are a zillion of those stories really.
  9. superstition plus paranoia. how do you function in the real world? or do you?