Angels Spotted At Flight 93 Crash Site

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    AP - A former FBI employee who retired due to post-traumatic stress disorder linked to time spent as a liaison between law enforcement and families of United Airlines Flight 93 victims has written a book about seeing legions of angels guarding the site after the hijacked airliner crashed on Sept. 11, 2001.

    Lillie Leonardi was a Pittsburgh-area police officer before working for the FBI. She says she wrote her book, "In the Shadow of a Badge: A Spiritual Memoir" to encourage people dealing with PTSD and those who continue to look for comfort and answers about the terrorist attacks that day.

    Leonardi, now a 56-year-old divorced grandmother, says she's convinced she saw the angels. But what she's questioning in her book is why she was allowed to see them.
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    Well, I glad that finally settles the matter. Besides, we all know that the concept of hallucination is only a fantasy.
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    Perhaps, but how can you prove she's wrong? We have many similar reports over the years.
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    You sir; you--you are a jerkoff~~now everyone on the forum knows it.

    Wipe your ass with your reports.


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    Says one of the more liberal fools here. :p
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    My father told me this story from WWII, when as a lieutenant of the paratroopers in the Greek army he was fighting Mussolini's troops up on the mountains of Albania - a couple weeks after Christmas 1940:

    That night, his group of about 30 men was tired, wet, hungry, most of them bloody, totally unsupported, and worst of all very cold... snow and ice all around. He decided to stop where they were, in the freezing rain, and just wait for daybreak - at least they would not be taking the risk of falling off a cliff in the dark. Lying on the frozen ground and praying, he had something like a dream, where he saw his parents' house in Athens, and in front of it a large pointy rock. He felt scared and very worried, but also hopeful, opened his eyes and stood up. In the light of a thunderbolt, he saw that same rock about 100 meters in the distance. He ordered everybody to get up and walk with him, barely able to see anything but with some awareness of their environment as lightning was intensifying all around. They got to the rock and saw the cliff beyond it. But, going around it, they found a large cave just underneath, where they all rested for the night and dried off.

    Go figure.
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    I'd suggest it's quite possible his later recollection of an extreme situation was not the actual scenario.
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    Perhaps. Or, maybe, not.
  9. Did he tell the story at bedtime , or around the fire on the 4th. . . . there is a difference.
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    That is, afterall, what's often said at the end of all types of not exactly true stories.
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