Angelina??? give me a bald Britney instead.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ratboy88, Mar 22, 2007.

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  2. What, now you're saying she was behind WTC 7 coming down?
  3. Well look on the bright side, she doesnt waste any time looking for the vein.
  4. She is so nasty...
  5. I like Angelina still... Her lips... so full... so yummyy :p
  6. If shes your type, you must hang out at the docks alot.
  7. mxjones


    Everyone takes a bad picture now and then...


    I will take Angelina over Britney any day.
  8. ok... can i change my vote? i will do without..... those veins of angelina still creep me out.
  9. I have to give you this... Louisiana white trailer trash gals give the best head... and you know Britney is one of 'em. She is finally going back to her roots.

    Angelina looks quite nice without makeup too... when she and Brad are walking around the streets with their kids. You can see them around French Quarter in the New Orleans nowadays, as they have settled down here.
  10. Why is everyone so into those big sausage lips? Yeah, that's really hot. I want it to feel like Robert Parish is slobbering on my knob...
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