Anesthesiologist Goes To Lunch During Surgery - Patient Dies

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    Is this a snapshot of ObamaCare?

    A Swedish man undergoing surgery died on the operating table after the anesthesiologist and a nurse went to lunch during the procedure, The Local reported.

    The 72-year-old man was having a tumor removed at a hospital in Lidköping, Sweden, and had gone under anesthesia at 10:45 a.m. According to The Local, the head anesthesiologist then left at noon for lunch, followed by the head nurse anesthesiologist fifteen minutes later.

    While they were gone, no replacement anesthesiologist took over. Another nurse anesthesiologist was called in, but she was unfamiliar with the respirator attached to the 72-year-old.

    Soon, the patient began hemorrhaging, while his blood pressure started to drop. The replacement nurse desperately tried to find the anesthesiologist at 1 p.m., when the man’s condition became critical.

    The doctor and nurse finally returned from lunch, and found that the man’s respirator had been turned off – depriving the patient of oxygen for eight minutes. They tried to resuscitate him but ultimately could not revive him. Due to the lack of oxygen, the man had suffered severe brain damage. He died weeks after the episode.
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    Or RCG care. LOL

    He's already been busted/admitted to surfing the web at work.
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    Wouldn't that scare the shit right out of you? You're about to have surgery and some black guy with dredlocks and gold teeth leans over you and says, 'were going to put you under now.' :confused:
  4. No RNCRNA would go to lunch during a surgery in the states, this is just stupid, pspr, and shame on you.
  5. You have done no such thing, but then, you are following the GOP playbook, make shit up and repeat it.
  6. The way I heard that story the old man (patient) sent the anesthesiologist out for an egg salad sandwich for when he woke up. Anesthesiologists know where to get the best egg salad. Tough break for the old geezer, not a bad way to go thoough. Nice buzz.
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    Hey, it happened idiot. I don't doubt it could happen here under Obmacare.
  8. Well your type is afraid of anything different, so I can imagine why you would say that. But that is Sweden, and this the USA.
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    Tsing Tao

    Happens in the UK, too. And they'll have a pint while at lunch.

    Right now, it's a horrid thought to consider it happening here. But how long until it does? Socialized medicine brings a whole host of behavior changes.
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    And Obama care will turn us into Sweden, or maybe Kenya.

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