anecdotal immediate effect of govt mandates & obamacare

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  1. Had office meeting this monday 12/10.
    Company revealed productivity points accrued( for full time benefits / status) reduced by 1/3 on my most frequent activity (re-evaluation of patients).

    Typically that is 75-80% of my work activity that counts as productivity points for me.

    This is directly a response to gubbermint mandates.

    1) Pt re-assessments are mandated by medicare at apx 3 times the rate previously mandated for supervision compliance.

    2) This is in addition to a different re-assessment mandates established by the state which are not the same as federal requirements.

    3)Net effect has been apx a 4 fold increase in this type of activity because of govt geniuses.

    4) Now for something that might not be obvious is: evaluation of the problem and documenting it is NOT the same thing as TREATING the pt's problem.
    Honestly every encounter(previously) with a pt included a re-evaluation of symptoms/tolerance and effectiveness when being TREATED. Now of course the focus (ie time drain)is on documenting status vs improving the status.

    IOW : More work , less actual pt care.

    5a) With the decrease productivity points accrued it's obvious the objective is to greatly reduce burdens of full time benefits on the company.
    5b) Regardless of individual employee pay structure, salary or per visit rate ,: benefits eligibility is determined by quarterly productivity point accrual. Drop too low they change your employment status and cancel your benefits package (ie health ins) .

    Welcome to obama care people.

    I'm getting away from this crap as fast as I can after a (20 yr career). I kinda feel sorry for the other suckers dependent upon the paycheck and definitely feel sorry for the pt's because service quality has certainly deteriorated from my observations of the last 4 yrs.
    Going to 2 day weeks next week, hopefully trading will pick up slack in income.
  2. You work in a hospital?
  3. Why do you ask?
  4. I was trying to understand your post if this hospital procedure. I really can't tell from your post. It's okay if you don't answer. At any rate, from what you posted, no of this looks good for you.

    Imagine if they evaluated teachers like this. The students were patients.
  5. My point is it's not good for ANYBODY except govt inspectors, regulators and it's associated infrastructure.

    If compliance of a re-assessment is not met by their rules the least of your problems is non-payment for services rendered because some pinhead bureaucrat thinks he knows best.
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    It has been my experience that the people who advocate government run anything have no idea what that really means. All they care about is feeling good that things are fair enough for them. We'll get another costly train wreck, good thing it is big enough to hurt those who forced this crap on us.

    PT, stop trying to do what you think is right and start looking out for number one. Find a way to game the system.
  7. Oh I agree , I just thought the douche bags on this site think the stories in the papers are made up propaganda.