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  1. Dear Trader,

    My name is Andy, and I am a trader from Germany living in the Caribbean. Many people already know me through my day trading journal, “Andy’s Day Trading Journal.” Because day trading is not the only way for a trader to make money, I want to show you the “art” of spread trading. To me it’s the best way to trade, and maybe I can convince you to have a closer look at the spreads.

    Because spread trading is not as precise as trading in the outright futures, I will use the close price of the spreads on my “hypothetical” trades. I personally enter the spreads only on the close and exit on the close. I use a limit spread order for my targets.

    I will trade a “hypothetical” $20,000 account and assume a commission per round turn of $50. I will post the trades the same day after the close. Maximum risk per trade will be 8% of the trading account.

    I will start posting my trades early next year.

    Happy trading,

  2. H2O


    Looking forward !!!!!
    Why do you start next year ?
  3. I will go on vacation around the 15th of December.

  4. If you are living in the Caribbean, why do you need to go on vacation then ??!!:p
  5. Eldredge


    I have enjoyed reading your other journal. What spreads do you trade? Thanks
  6. Good question are right :D

    Eldredge: Mainly spreads in the grains, soys and the meats. Sometimes energies and softs but I personally prefer the Chicago markets.

    I hope you will like this journal as well. It will keep you less busy with reading it put hopefully a lot of $$$. We will see.


  7. H2O


    Andy, since you're trading pit traded contracts,

    - Who do you use as broker ?
    - Why don't you trade the electronic contracts ? (There are a lot of spreads that can be traded electronic)
  8. spieler


    I am french living in the caribbean and spread trading as well on electonic futures :)
    Were are you in the Caribean?
  9. Neodude


    Hey spieler, Jordan_Andy,

    I'm going to be visiting St.Martin's in a few weeks, care to join me for some beers? :D

  10. spieler


    will be a pleasure :)
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