Andy's Day and Position Trading Journal

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  1. Dear Traders,

    my name is Andy and I am a trader from Germany living in the Caribbean’s. Many people asked me to post my trades to demonstrate that it is possible to make a living with the right trading method in the right markets with the right attitude. You will see the method I am using is very simple. No fancy indicators or any magic stuff. Only price bars. I will post my trades every day including a summary of all profit/loss (hypothetical result due to 2 contracts).

    My Trading Plan

    Markets: Euro FX (CME), Mini Russell 2000 (CME), Mini DOW (CBOT)

    Time Frame: 10, 30 and 60 minutes (chart includes also night session, bars are starting at 7.20am for Euro FX and Mini DOW and at 8.30am for the Mini Russell 2000)

    Trading Hours: 7.20am – 3.15pm CST, Monday till Friday

    # of Lots: 2

    Entry Method: My entry is based on Ross Hooks and 1-2-3 Formations. I am using the Traders Trick Entry up to 3 correcting bars. For more information on my entry methods please see

    Report: I am not trading 5 minutes before and after a report comes out. If possible I try to enter but move my stop (if possible to b/e) very close at the time the report comes out.

    Initial Stop: High/Low of the previous 5 minute bar (will trail my stop on the entry)

    Targets: First target are 10 ticks.

    Trailing Stop: After 8 ticks I move my stop to b/e. I trail my second lot based on the 30/60 minute bars.

    Quit Trading: I will quit trading after 2 losing trades (indices and Euro FX seperatly)

    Add. Comment: No trading one day before a holiday and no trading in the week of the roll over!
  2. Mini Dow 10 minutes: Long Traders Trick Entry (Ross Hook) at 9979, initial stop at 9967 – all out at 9973. Short Traders Trick Entry (Ross Hook) at 9957, initial stop at 9972 – covered first lot at 9957, second at 9918. Result for today +49 ticks.

    Euro FX 30 minutes: Short Traders Trick Entry (Ross Hook) at 12131, initial stop at 12141 – all out at 12133. Long Traders Trick Entry (1-2-3 low) at 12135, initial stop at 12128 – all out at 12133. Result for today – 8 ticks.

    Mini Russell 30 minutes: Short Traders Trick Entry (Ross Hook) at 5362, initial stop at 5380 – covered first lot at 5356 (time stop), second at 5316 (trailing stop). Result for today +52 ticks.
  3. Mini Russell 30 minutes: Long TTE (RH) at 5377, initial stop at 5367 – all out at 5370.

    Mini Russell 60 minutes: Long TTE (RH) at 5388, initial stop at 5377 – all out at 5382.

    Result Mini Russell: -26 ticks

    Mini Dow 30 minutes: Long TTE (RH) at 10010, initial stop at 9997 – covered first lot at 10020, second at b/e.

    Result Mini Dow: +10 ticks

    Euro FX 30 minutes: Short TTE (RH) at 12048, initial stop at 12061 – covered first lot at 12038, second at b/e.

    Euro FX 10 minutes: Short TTE (RH) at 12062, initial stop at 12072– covered first lot at 12052, second at b/e.

    Result Euro FX: +20 ticks
  4. Euro FX 10 minutes: Long TTE (RH) at 12050, initial stop at 12043 – covered first lot at 12060, second at b/e. Short TTE (RH) at 12020, initial stop at 12030 – all out at b/e.

    Euro FX 30 minutes: Short TTE (1-2-3) at 12011, initial stop at 12035 – all out at 12023.

    Result for today: -14 ticks (-$175)

    Mini Dow 10 minutes: Short TTE (RH) at 10033, initial stop at 10051 – covered first lot at 10023, second at 10018.

    Result for today: +25 ticks (+$125)

    Mini Russell 10 minutes: Short TTE (RH) at 5393, initial stop at 5408 – covered first lot at 5383, second at 5348.

    Result for today: +55 ticks (+$550)

    Total since beginning of my posting:

    Euro FX: -2 ticks (-$25))
    Mini Dow: +72 (+$360)
    Mini Russell: +81 (+$810)
  5. Andy, is this real money you are trading or only papertrades. I ask because you said "Hypothetical results."
  6. Very nice!

    May I ask why you trade these three markets? Is it because you have backtested many different markets and found these to be the most profitable, or for some other reason(s)?


  7. As a professional trader I have to trade real money of course but the results I am posting are based on 2 contracts because this is the minumun my method requires. Anyone can then calculate how much she/he would make trading 10 or 20 contracts in each market.

    Best reagards,

  8. I am trading only these 3 markets at the moment (besides my spread trading) because they are behaving very nice regarding my trading method. I have been trading also the mini s&p and the mini nasdaq but all the scalpers and day traders in these markets make it very hard to trade at the moment. I am always looking around to find good markets and then I stick with it as long as I can make money with it. It also changes from time to time. sometimes the Euro FX is giving me the money sometimes the mini dow or the russell.

    Take care,

  9. Yup, just as I thought. After starting out on the ES and NQ (papertrading) two weeks ago, I've just moved away from them to the YM and ER2... mainly due to the fact that I see these markets exhibiting a smoother trend, which I find easier to trade.

    The link you posted makes very interesting reading! I look forward to the rest of your journal.

  10. Thank you Andy. I also am looking at your link that you posted and will research it. Looking forward to your posts.
    regards Michael
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