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  1. Says that they had the highest revenue for the 4th quarter, and are looking for a higher second half, with the highest guidance ever given for the 2nd quarter ever in the history of the company.

    Dual Processors ( dual-cores ) on the way.

    Says that their inventories are "ok", and so are the inventories of their customers.

    Looks for continued big growth in India, Russia, emerging countries, etc. and not from some sort of revolutionary new tech application.
  2. Now seeing "double-digit" growth from corporate America, the first time in about 3 years.

    Also saw 44% growth from China.
  3. Stock's down over a buck AH. Margins were dissapointing.
  4. Operating Earnings were a tad "light" because of the increase in D-RAM prices.

    People are expecting the MOON from a company that is much, MUCH LARGER than it used to be. It's hard to have significant growth in margins when you are that big. People need to wake-up to this. Same goes for CSCO.
  5. Waggie. Why do u consistently hype all the earnings press reports? U take defense for all these companies and always paint them with a bullish brush.. even when they drop in after hours.

    U are instructing wall street how they should run their money?.. Apparently the big boys dont like DELL numbers so they are dumping the stock in after hours. The market is smarter than u.

  6. Dell had terrific numbers.
    After-Hours trading only matters to "lemmings" like yourself that only trade for 1-4 hour increments of time.

    Personally, I am not long the stock.
    And if you were to actually use your BRAIN and really read my comments you would put 2 and 2 together and actually get:

    1.) Emerging Markets like China are BOOMING and not falling off a cliff like some on the Street have been professing earlier this month.


    2.) Double-Digit capital spending is extremely significant. We have yet to see corporate America step up to the plate and invest in this economic recovery. The Dell results tell you that this is in fact finally happening now, and that we are moving from an inventory replenishment part of the recovery to an actual "real" demand part of the cycle. This is highly significant.

    P.S. By the way, if you think that my comments are about "cheerleading" than you are obviously more of a rookie than I thought. Besides, show me a stock that has not fallen in after hours trading when earnings results were announced this past quarter . . . Duh.
  7. The Street consensus on S&P earnings this year is for roughly +20%. I have been seeing some things that would imply that the consensus is way too conservative and that earnings growth for the S&P is much closer to +30%.

    If this is in fact true, then the market will undoubtedly surprise people on the upside. This, combined with the fact that the first quarter is the weakest seasonally for technology companies, and we are in an election year where the market traditionally outperforms during the second half of the year prevents me from being the kind of perma-bear that you have always shown yourself to be.

    You can talk all you want about high oil prices and the Fed raising rates . . . but I believe that at some point the market will have absorbed the issue of higher energy prices, and I really don't believe that Alan Greenspan is going to make the same mistake that he did in 1994. The Fed definitely learns from its mistakes, and Alan G. is much smarter than that.
  8. MSFT, Ebay, Yahoo... and many others.

    There is no point in debating u with u. U are always right and the market is wrong.

    Maybe the problem is that DELL is %120+ off its lows and is still %40 of its all time highs. Stock has a tremendous amout of overhead supply and its priced very well. P/E of 35 right now is not cheap by any means.. and its not a growth stock anymore given how big it is and maturity of the industry.


  9. So what are u trying to say... Will the market test its Jan 2004 highs?

    I agree that the markets could bounce to their 50mas.

    I just wanna make sure everyone fully understands what u are saying. Because later when the markets break their 200ma all hell will break lose... and u will look like a dumbass yet again.

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    The United States is the worst place to live, with corporate corruption and tons of phoney scams, companies, and CEO's that inflate all of their numbers based on crappy products that never really work, and if they do, they fall apart or become obsolete in a New York minute. But hey, you like conspiracies and tons of "doom and gloom" so why don't you go out into your backyard and do what you do best:

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