Android vs Iphone

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by fogut, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. fogut


    I am wondering which of the two (Android or Iphone) is better for trading in terms of speed, ease of use, and other factors.

  2. Android
  3. Mr_You


    I was looking into this recently and I would suggest you see which your broker supports best.

    From their website product information, I concluded that Interactive Brokers supports iPhone/iPad much better than Android. Their iOS products seem to have more features all around and possibly more mature.

    I'm guessing brokers will put more work into which smartphone platform is most popular for their customers. Which is probably iPhone/iPad. This got me thinking about possible future iTV apps.
  4. jo0477


    agreed love my Android :D
  5. wait, i still have a flip phone. :eek:
  6. Shirak


    I just switched from the iPhone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy S2. Get the S2.
  7. I still reckon iOS is the more stable of the two and the iPhone still beats Android handsets in the battery department, saying that Android is blisteringly fast.

    I had a mess about with an LG Optimus 3D the other day and I was really impressed.
  8. fogut


    Have you used both Iphone and Android ? In what ways do you think Android is better ?

  9. Yes, I've used both. I just think Androids are more up to date. I love the bigger screen sizes, fast Qualcomm, ability to use flash which I think is a major benefit to android phones. I think the battery life on some phones do suck... They do have bigger ones that last longer. IPhone does have more apps but the android market is coming up.

    I was a huge iPhone fan since the first one and switched over on the last one. I wasn't impressed. Like that robot, "I don't care" video said... They released a phone that was already behind the curve. LOL.
  10. I would go for the Apple stuff.

    The original is way stronger than all the copies.
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