Andrew Sullivan: How Obama Set a Contraception Trap for the Right

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    A new New York Times/CBS News poll released Wednesday has found that a majority of Americans support some legal recognition for gay couples and also think an employer should cover contraception for women—even if her employer is a religious institution. Conservatives have gleefully used the Obama administrations’ requirement that health insurance plans cover birth control as a way to revive the culture wars. But they’re not winning, writes Andrew Sullivan.
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    You mean this Andrew Sullivan? Maybe this article is talking about a different Andrew Sullivan.... Just want to make sure im on the same page....

    As NewsBusters reported Sunday, Andrew Sullivan in his most recent Newsweek column claimed, "Obama Set a Contraception Trap for the Right."

    Two days later when Sullivan, appearing on MSNBC's Hardball, flipflopped saying, "I think a lot of this was ginned up by the Bishops. They were the ones that set a trap for Obama," host Chris Matthews was seen on the screen doing a facepalm (video follows with transcript and commentary):

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    How did Sullivan go from "Obama set a trap for the right" Sunday to Catholic Bishops "set a trap for Obama" Tuesday?

    It appears even Matthews noticed Sullivan's gaffe as the camera was on him part of the time showing the Hardball host in seriously embarrassed facepalm mode.
  3. OK, now that I've read all this and watched the video, my take. I think he said that Obama 'set the trap' initially, but then thought that perhaps the Bishops were the one setting the trap. But that the 'trap' blew up on the Bishops, thus showing Obama as the winner. Regardless, it seems Obama may have won on this overall. I would hate to go back to the 'pre-contraception" era.

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    This trap is not blowing up on the bishops.
    The bishops will refuse to cave in on this one.

    I doubt Obama has the balls to play brinksmanship on this.
    His party will lose half its seats in congress.
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    IMO you are underestimating the power of the left wing media.... they have already changed the conversation from first ammendment rights, to

    "republicans want to ban contraception, and they have a war against women"

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