Andrew Hall's fund down double digits in august

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  2. most funds trade long-only strategies.
    they don't even have brains to employ simple MA crossover systems...
    or their investors don't care whether money is managed efficiently or whether it is risked without a stoploss

    most investors deserve negative triple digit losses: -100%.
  3. Insightful.
  4. Yeah, MA crossover's work every time...
  5. yeah, of course everyone will demand something which will work every time. 100% winning trades.

    such attitude can only result in ..... huge losses.
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    If you are referring to alternative investments funds ( like Andrew Hall's, for example ) - you are spectacularly wrong.
  7. I asked a buddy at Phibro to give me some color on this. He simply said, "See the crude chart."
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    The only upside risk to crude, given the current equity market doldrums, would be geopolitical risk. The 'Arab Spring' is waning, with Syria being the remaining holdout - and of course, Syria has no energy exports per se.

    Holding wildly OTM calls as a contingent for Israeli military action and getting eaten alive by the theta decay doesn't seem logical.
  9. Most mutual funds use long-only strategies. You missed a key word there in your description of what kind of fund.

    This article is about hedge funds which are a different animal.
  10. yeah i know, but most hedge funds also trade mostly on the long side.
    its visible in correlation of their returns vs S&P and commodity indicies.

    AND you have to trade with super wide stoplosses to lose on CL during such a smooth down trend.

    but how about Gold? funds should make some money on it...
    unless of course, they've traded counter-trend with hugely wide stops, which is again very popular.
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