Andrew Dice Clay

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  1. Link is broke!!
  2. really?

    Andrew Dice Clay - Pollstar Awards - Feb 2008 on youtube?

    funny as all hell :D
  3. I'd have to say George Carlin beats out Clay any day...

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    Just randomly picked one out, there are so many good ones...
  4. he's not funny (and "your" girls are not hot, sorry), he can be but here he is not :(
  5. Everyone has a right to their own opinion?... But whatever KTS, I know how you are...
  6. "funny" must have some truth to it..

    no one walks into a gift shop expecting a gift.

    it's not funny :confused:
  7. God, you are so obnoxious... there are pry like 1,000 more skits by him, like I said I just randomly picked one real quick... and btw, Why does "funny" have to have any truth to it? :confused:

    Anyone else for Carlin????
  8. Wallet

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