Andrew Cuomo Speaks With Jeff Bezos, Furiously Trying to Win Back Amazon

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  2. LOL!

    I despise Cuomo (as I do all Lefty/Commie bastards), but he appears to be saying to a AOC.... "F* YOU AND YOUR HATRED OF SUCCESSFUL CAPITALISTS WHO WANT TO PROVIDE WELL-PAYING JOBS FOR OUR CITIZENS".

    (Is this "economics" or "politics"? Sorry if I bristled in the wrong forum.)

    Admin... please move this thread to "Political" forum so I can say how I really feel.

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    so you iniatially want to pay very large numbers of fraudulent idiots a lot whilst demonstrating that they have zero ability to fk anything up (since you have so many of them). pay them a lot. you then have to regularly make examples of ones that do anything wrong. if noone does choose one at random at regular intervals (more important than paying once powerlessness established). if you doubt me ask yourself does society owe you a 12k bike or so many you have to give up. do you like that? did you get one back from somone who didnt take it? could be any of them and if u don't they will not stop.
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    This is a huge win for one of 25 other states, like who would not like to have 40,000 new jobs and taxes from the employees? New houses built, new cars bought....yea, this sounds horrible.
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  5. %% Exactly; the socialist chickens came home to roost LOL:D:D
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    NFL? Greatest scam running.
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    Can anyone here translate Tommy's medically stupid dialect?
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  8. %% Partly;
    no one owes me a bike .LOL:D:D
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    "For money you get honey"

    Queensbridge housing is the largest public housing project in the US with 6000 tenants. If Amazon had offered each one 1K they would have marched on AOC's office to force the commie wench to accept the deal.

    it would in reality cost Amazon nothing as it would be wrapped within the other concessions that Amazon received from the State and NYC.
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    I am not sure how that would have helped. Amazon's NYC headquarters would not have been in AOC's congressional district.
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